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Bathrobe woman

My wife and daughter are waiting for the Red Line going south at Howard. Howard is the beginning (and end) of the Red Line.

A woman gets on the car with them. Wearing pajamas, a bathrobe and sneakers. She looks like the stereotypical white trash lady – about 30 years old, long, greasy blond hair, and a red red nose. Coke snortin’ red.

She makes her way slowly down the aisle. She had the demeanor of a Jesus freak, overly friendly and cheery, like a Mormon. She stopped at each passenger and asked:

“Do you have a cigarette?”

She didn’t get one.


Snorting coke doesn't turn your nose red. Having a cold does.

You think Mormons are friendly? Thank you for not insulting me, because alot of poepl harass me because I'm a mormon.

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