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Garbage man

Here’s another one from my Mom (who incidentally is just about one of the best storytellers around and has a great memory).

Mom was on her way to work. This time she got on the 36 Broadway bus. It was 5:30 a.m. The bus was crowded as it inched down Broadway.

At around Belmont, a guy got on with a garbage can.

It was a large, plastic, kitchen-type garbage can with a lid.

The driver never blinked. The shuffled to the back of the bus with his garbage can.

Soon, his fellow passengers started complaining to the driver: “Ooooooohhhhh! It stinks! That can is full of garbage!”

The driver stopped, walked to the back of the bus and asked Garbage Man to depart. An argument ensued about whether he should get his money back. He didn’t.

“That early in the morning it’s hard to deal with the smell of garbage on a bus,” said Mom.


I was a regular rider on the #36 Broadway bus between Montrose and Belmont for about 2 years. Without a doubt, it is the most bizarre collection of people I have ever seen using the CTA. I usually describe it to friends as the "rolling freak show."

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