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From the CTA Lost and Found Dept.

Gator_1 We all know that scary things can happen in the Hobo Corner.

For you CTA Tattler neophytes, that's the closed-in compartment opposite the driver's perch.

The other day we found this different sort of snow globe in the Hobo Corner. It's an alligator holding a Florida sign in its outstretched arms.

And that's scary.

And we really don't need it, so if it's yours email me.

You see, we already have one.


Now *there's* a funky knick-knack! I'll bet it's a collector's item.

I would be careful touching items left in the hobo corner. You never know where they have been. Make sure you wash your hands!

You found Freddy!!!!! We've been worried sick about him, after all most gators aren't used to riding the EL alone. Please tell Freddy that we miss him and that his share of the rent is due - oh yeah, I also found out about all of those 900# calls. What do you think they talk about on 1-900-Gatorgirl?? Anyway, save me a seat in the Hobo Corner.

I left my black Jordan bag on cta bus 29 towards 95th on november 27th between the hours of 9pm and 10pm. I have reported it to cta lost and found but it is taking really long for them to locate it though it happened just last night, is there a chance my bag could still be found?

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