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So pretty in pink

While we're busy here today debating whether the Shell Game is bad or whether eating on the train is a ticketable offense, the CTA board was busy naming the newly minted Green/Blue Line amalgam.

The Pink Line.

The color for the new experimental train line was picked from 500 entries that area students submitted.

And I love the last line of the Sun-Times story: "The CTA has not decided exactly what shade of pink the line will be."

(Thanks to Jasmine for the tip.)


Man, if Sanrio gets wind of this they'll totally be painting the train with Hello Kitties as advertisement, a la those Target painted trains. While I have no use for the pink line as yet, I will find some reason to utilize it because I think it's hilarious. I vote for a nice, friendly baby pink. Nothing too magenta or fuchsia, that would be unpleasant. Thinking more along the lines of PeptoBismol.

I hope they have the guts to go brilliant hot pink. If you're gonna go pink do something that stands out. Besides, all of their other colors are nice bright bold ones.

Though I prefer a light sort of medium baby pink, I think a hot pink or beet-like fuschia would work strictly for visibility. Kerry, as a lifelong Hello Kitty collector, I adore the idea of Sanrio-sponsored cars. Shoot, if Target can brand cars with red and white targets and that adorable puppy, why can't I ride in a car decorated with pink swirls and mouthless cartoon cats?

Maybe they could make it the T-Mobile dark pink and have them sponsor the line

I just lost $10 in a bet. I thought it would be called the silver line.

God, they could've picked such a better color.

This is why you never let children decide anything.

OH GOD... I will be riding the Pink Line T_T


Man, I'm going back home for the summer just in time.

I shuddered when I heard it would be the Pink Line, then looked around on the Web at other transit systems' colors. Paris has a pink line, so I feel better now. :)

So do several others, actually. Pink lines are not unusual if one looks elsewhere in the world (Oo...the CTA looking at other transit systems? Can't imagine that!).

at first I was ambivalent about the new color as I won't be riding it but I knew the general populace (with nothign better to do) would start whining....then I read Kerry's comment and now...I LOVE IT! Woo hoo! The Sanrio Hello Kitty train. eff'in brilliant! Sanrio could sponsor and totally kitty it out and it would no doubt become a tourist destination bringing in tons of tourists, with luck lots of those outrageous Young Punk Teen artists with their wild and imgaginitive fashions. The idea made my week (thanks kerry!)

It's too bad the Red Line already exists because Honest Frank is putting the CTA even further into debt with this Pink Line -- under the guise of "expanded service."

Not that I'd trust the CTA's math, but how many additional riders will be served by this line? Judging by the CTA's maps, there seems to be a great deal of overlap with the Cermak Branch of the Blue Line and the Green Line.

Likewise, adding the Pink Trains will no doubt cause backups on the Green Line, the Cermak Blue Line, as well as the Brown and Purple lines on the Loop Elevated.

Meanwhile, another round of cuts loom in the distance -- and that's the only thing you can bank on with Honest Frank and Your CTA.

You guys missed it! This is just in time for the Gay Games. The CTA will make a killing this summer from boystown-related activity alone. :]

And if we weren't so brainwashed into associating specific colors with genders, most would realize that a splash of vibrant color is just what this drab=looking city needs. It's a downer to come from South Beach back to the rusty nail. Oh well, at least we through colored lights against the architectural relics.

woops, *throw* lights.

Not that I'd trust the CTA's math, but how many additional riders will be served by this line? Judging by the CTA's maps, there seems to be a great deal of overlap with the Cermak Branch of the Blue Line and the Green Line.

Likewise, adding the Pink Trains will no doubt cause backups on the Green Line, the Cermak Blue Line

Have you been living under a rock, man?

The idea is that the Pink Line will be replacing the 54/Cermak Blue Line during all but rush hours.

See here for details on ridership impact, etc. (PDF, pp 35ff)

The West Side Corridor presentation to the CTA says nothing about ridership. That's one of the complaints of people who are against the Pink Line. No one really knows if it will lead to an increase or decrease in ridership.
The whole thing about the Pink Line, and i think that those who follow Chicago transit are bound to know this, is that it's really part of the Circle Line. It's "phase one" of three phases of Circle line construction. I don't know why CTA just doesn't come out and say so.

The Pink Line is also doubling service levels on a branch that CTA just invested nearly $500 million in capital funds to rehabilitate. If you've ridden it lately, you'll note that it is one gorgeous new line.

Problem is, there aren't many colors left without causing signage confusion.

Originally, the new circle line was going to be silver (which they might be saving it for). Otherwise, all you have left is black and white. And if you call ANYTHING the Black Line, they will say "Oh you called it that because there are all of these black riders on the line".

You can't use White from a signage perspective. How do you put a white line on a white sign?

Gold looks too much like orange. Maybe beige? Ewwww

I had a co-worker suggest if they used white, they'd have to change the Brown Line to the White Line.

Tommy, no one knows what ridership is going to be until the service starts. But it seems to me if you double the frequency of service, and you make it faster for 95+% of the existing riders, it's not likely to DECREASE ridership. Unless you have evidence to the contrary?

Who cares what color the new line is in. I think it's great that the CTA is diverting doulgas park trains over the Paulina connector. That branch generates too few riders to be paired with the O'Hare branch. Service frequency on the Congress branch will be doubled and almost doubled on the Douglas branch. People who ride the line and complain should be happy to have it. No other major city would even think of investing several hundred million dollars in a line that only generates 10,000 riders a day let alone keep it running.

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