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More tales from the "Crazies" front

Dispatches during "Crazies Week" last week prompted readers to add their own sightings:

The old lady on the Sheridan 151: There is one woman on the 151 whom I've begun to see with some regularity. She's elderly and always wears the same outfit. Or at least I think she does. I'm always taken in by three things to really notice her clothes: her ratty flip-flop sandals that she wears in any weather, and an ill-fitting wig with half the hair missing that I swear she always wears backwards. Sometimes she sits relatively quietly, sometimes she has the most energetic conversations with someone the rest of us can't see.

Not really anything special about her as far as crazies go, but the thing that gets me are her habits. She always gets on at the same time around Water Tower and always exits up inner LSD somewhere between Division and North. She always has a collection of bags from high-end retailers, but they're always different bags. There's never any overwhelming odors coming from her and she otherwise appears to be in decent physical health.

Granted, she could get those bags from the trash and maybe the voices in her head just keep her on a tight schedule. But, I can't help but get the feeling that this woman is some Gold Coaster's crazy mom or aunt who gets let out of the house on some afternoons but has to be home by dinnertime.

Ranters come out when train goes express:  Why do the ranters always seem to get on the Purple Line just as it is going express?

This morning an older fellow, complete with old man hat, gets on at Belmont. About a minute into the ride, he began talking about socialism and democracy. He told us about how we're becoming robots. Then he talked about actual robots. Eventually, as expected, the rambling angles towards Jesus. And the Jews. Catholics having such and such icon in their church (he was kinda mumbly at this point) and the Jews doing something else.

He spent about five minutes repeating himself about fish and how they're preserved in the desert with salty water. Then back to Jesus. And the Jews. As far as I could tell, he didn't have any outright hostility to Judaism, but he was talking about Pontius Pilate and the crucifixion and the Jews. Somehow, the topic then flowed into radioactivity and isotopes. Before I had a chance to get up to thank him for his drifting address to the train car and suggest next time he stick to a script, he quietly exited the train at Davis just before the doors closed.

The Red Line flosser: This morning on the Red Line heading south between Bryn Mawr and Lawrence, there was a guy, clean cut, looking like he was going to work, standing between the doors on the right, holding a string of dental floss over a foot long. He looked around nervously to make sure no one was watching, and then proceeded to floss his teeth. He was getting the molars all the way in the back and working his way around the top row, alternating the flossing with flicking the harvested tooth gunk onto the floor.


The phrase "inner LSD" is perhaps all that is needed by way of explanation.

The Purple Express ranter is strangely articulate and actually not that annoying. I was able to listen to him for 10 to 15 minutes and not wanting to throw myself off the train.

Maybe I'm jaded, but I know there are worse things on the floor than tooth gunk.

I loved the story about the Inner LSD wig lady.

I bet the "inner LSD" wig lady is some famous celebrity like J.Lo or Nicole Kidman. That's probably the only what they can go to the stores without being recognized :)

Flossing on the train is so inappropriate. Keep your hygiene practices, such as painting nails, spraying hair, or cutting fingernails, at home, you whackjobs!

On the Purple Line ranter, you have the combination that the cars are too packed with local riders up to Belmont to hear anything, and Evanston includes a "know it all" class of people (more associated with their politics than the universities there).

i have seen the socialism and judaism guy at least 4 times in the last weeks.

the guy must have just decided to do this.

seriously, at least 4 times in the last few weeks.

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