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From the CTA Lost-n-Found: Streisand album

I noticed an unattended package last week on one of the facing seats adjacent to the door. I had to resist the urge to call police, because, after all, the CTA tells you "if you see something, say something."

Streisandalbum But this something turned out to be so innocuous. No white soap powder here to shut down entire train lines for hours.

What I did find was ensconced lovingly in a plastic blue Jewel bag.

It was Barbara Streisand's Greatest Hits! No doubt left on the train by someone who had just been down to a Ticketmaster outlet to pay $600 for a seat at one of her Farewell Tour concerts.

Well, you can say farewell to that album now.


Hey, Kevin, what did you do with the Streisand album? Leave it on the train? Keep it?

Tom, I've got the album. Are you a fan? Do you want me to bring it to the meeting tonight for you?

Man, I wish I would have found that. That is so cool. I love Barbra!

good thing you can find like 20 different Streisand albums at almost any thrift store...

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