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Snore-ville Redenbacher

Susan reports a very strange sight on the Howard Red Line platform:

An obviously homeless man is wearing several layers of very filthy clothing, with a very heavy backpack strapped to his large torso. He is standing close to trash can with a flat top and side openings for disposing garbage.

He is bent over at the waist, with his head fully buried in a half-eaten bag of microwave popcorn. Face down.

He is asleep.


Sometimes I feel like this site has too many "make fun of homeless guys"-themed posts.

I agree. I mean, the "hobo corner" is just plain funny. But it seems there are tons of "so today i saw a homeless guy doing..." posts rather than something worth our while.

Actually I see just as much if not more talk about average people doing stupid things (like pluging their electronics into CTA outlets, blocking doors) or talk about CTA's complete lack of awareness of issues (how slow trains really operate, bus bunching, budget issues).

Read the entire site and you'll see there's much more to this site than the homeless

I love the contrast of people on the train, at 4pm the trains are loaded with folks going home, packed in like rats while at 10pm you can play frisbee in the trains. you have a great site here.

Does anyone remember the poor guy in the 1980's who begged for money on the Red Line who lacked both a face and hands as a result of being set on fire and left to die by drug dealers? Many years later, I can still see his burned face sad eyes and bandaged hands as he passed through the train. What happened to him?

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