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Turn that down please

A 50-ish woman boards at Loyola and seems immediately annoyed by the hip-hop music eminating loudly from the headphones of an 8-year-old boy, two rows ahead of her.

As we pulled into Granville, she walks up the aisle, reaches across the kid's older brother, taps the younger boy on the shoulder and asks him to turn it down.

He does and she sits back down. We all ride to work and school a little happier (most of us) and certainly more quietly.

That's actually the first time I have ever seen that happen.

As I mentioned Sunday, two weeks of commuting bliss are over.


Loud headphones rarely even register with me, what with the racket the train itself makes and all. Mainly it's just heartening to read of a seemingly respectful encounter between an adult and a child that doesn't end with the sort of fireworks that always lead to ever more inflated diatribes over the state of kids today.

You can add that tactic to your list of how to get people not to sit next to you. Turn up your headphones and do a little toe tappin' in your seat. That'll make people think twice before sitting next to you!

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