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No worries! The water will still flow at Damen Blue Line station

I do like the CTA Photo Pool on Flickr that appears here on the right side of the page. There usually are some great contributions there.

On Monday I noticed a couple of photos by dane brian of a "Notice of Water Service Termination" at the Damen Blue Line stop:



Well, I asked a CTA spokesperson about that. And the good news is that the water will still flow at Damen:

"The Notice of Water Service Termination posted at the Damen Blue Line station was issued in error, said the spokesperson. "In June, CTA requested that excess credits from a variety of CTA Water Service accounts be applied to other accounts that had balances.

"The majority of these transactions were completed as requested, but a few were not, resulting in the appearance of a non-payment on the Damen account. The CTA contacted the City’s Water Management department and the outstanding credit transactions have now been completed. The Damen account now reflects the current status."

Whew! I was worried about where that customer service assistant was gonna pee.


I'm sure they could just ask where all the bums pee...

Even if this was a mistake, someone put the sign there which is just a little ridiculous. Couldn't they just make a phone call over to the CTA or given it to the customer service person in the booth? This isn't exactly a residence.

Even if this was a mistake, someone put the sign there which is just a little ridiculous.

Maybe. But if the law says the sign needs to be posted as part of the process, then the sign needs to be posted, or the process has to stop.

The alternative would be legislation to change the law. Which makes more sense? Posting a pointless notice, or spending the time to get a new law passed? Or do you do neither, and then risk having some smart-ass at the CTA tell you that you didn't follow the process outlined by law, so now you're back to square one?

The answer is that even if people will laugh when they see the picture, you go through the motions, follow the process, and slap that piece of paper up, and send the letter, too. It only seems ridiculous. The alternatives could lead to ridiculous results. That's the choice.

I'm wondering if someone at the water department did this on purpose to embarrass CTA. Perhaps it was intended as a little get back at RonH for the very public house cleaning he conducted at the water dept. when he was Daley's Chief of Staff.

Where do they pee? I mean really, I'm visualizing the Francisco stop on the Brown line and I can't think of anywhere in the station where there's room for facilities.

By that reasoning, we should put up with a lot just because it is so much work to get a law changed.

However, I agree with you in this instance...

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