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Ron's iPod Top 10: From Kanye to New York Times podcasts

The Tribune Wednesday published a list of various bigwigs' Top 10 iPod selections. That includes John McCain's ABBA songs and Barack Obama's Aretha and U2. (Blago is heavy on Elvis -- Presley, not Costello.)

But CTA Prez Ron Huberman was the only person on the list with something other than music -- the New York Times' podcast. Huberman also is fond of Kanye, Gnarls Barkley and Radiohead. I wonder if he made it over to Lollapolooza?


I'll gladly start it off!

Who gives a shit?

I wonder what difference it makes what music or movies or tv shows, etc, a public figure likes (since they were recently making a fuss over what the presidential candidates like, too). *I* really don't care. When I vote for someone, their personal likes & dislikes don't matter. I do not expect to be invited over for casual dinner and chat, nor to sit & have a beer (didn't they use that last election?). Same for any other public figure already in office. Waste of time and space to my mind.
And yes, I know the celebrity-obsessed among us will love it. But we aren't all like that.

Tho it doesn't surprise me that Blagoytoy like Elvis...

No, I guess it doesn't REALLY makes a difference, although if I found out an elected public official was into racist Nazi punk or had porn clips on his video iPod it might raise an eyebrow.

Remember, the lists weren't made by reporters looking at the devices to see what's really on them. It's what they, or their aids, self-reported.

In the case of the presidential candidates, is it any surprise that the lists are carefully crafted to appeal to their target voters?

Frankly, I don't think your typical "bigwig" even has any idea what they could load on an iPod. Most haven't had the time to figure out how to leverage the use of their iPod since before iPods were invented, let alone since podcasts became available. It wasn't that long ago that Ron had plenty of spare time.

I'd be more interested in looking at the browsing history on these "bigwigs" personal computers. (Not what their aids are willing to report, but a surprise inspection of what's actually there.) But I'm willing to bet that a lot of bigwigs never actually use a PC.

It's like the old adage that the number of papers you carry into a meeting is inversely related to your importance. The lowest-level guy at a meeting might bring in a whole file cabinet. A corporate VP might bing in a leather-bound clipboard with a single pad of blank paper, and one page of pre-printed material. The CEO shows up empty-handed. Same for their PC's and iPods. The higher you are, the less you use these things, and eventually a level is reached where you don't use them at all.

true, Dude, true. But no handler worth a fraction of his/her pay would let us (the public) see that. It's all about the facade.

(hmmm, slightly more cynical than usual today; should I check my acid levels? LOL)

Thought I'd post my CTA tribute list:

Eve of Destruction Barry McGuire (CTA Theme Song)

Wake Me up when September Ends - Green Day
(Hopefully this will be when my Red Line Underground slow zones end)

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing Jack Johnson
Wait For Me - Rebecca St James

Wouldn't it be nice? - Beach Boys
(If the CTA ran on time)

Waiting for a Miracle Bruce Cockburn
(see above)

The Waiting Song Ani Difranco

I'm Still Waiting by Diana Ross

Waiting on a Train Kathleen Mock

Still Standing Elton John

Feel free to add your favorites :)



What, no "Train In Vain" by The Clash? "That Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" by Los Lobos? "Slow Train" by Bob Dylan?

"Wouldn't it be nice? - Beach Boys
(If the CTA ran on time) ...KevinB"

Reminds me of the early days of the RTA, in which there was a commercial where a roll sign on an RTA bus was being rolled, to the tune of "I get around."

Don't forget Tom Waits' "Down There By the Train":

There's a place I know where the train goes slow...

Don't forget the festive Christmas song "No-L."

And of course this link, whích I've posted before...



I still laugh everytime I see that video :)

Seriously, John McCain has "Dancing Queen" on his iPod? Good thing for him the Secret Service won't let him anywhere near an airport restroom. As for our beloved CTA president, I wonder if "No Cars Go" is intended as an hommage to transit dependence or a rememberance of the Blue Line breakdown. I also wonder if RonH has the same NYTimes podcasts on his pod as I have on mine. Omigod, that would like be like so freakin' awesome if he did. :P


maybe you two are destined to be bff :)

Oh my god, that video is spectacular. My favorite part was the announcer.

"And of course this link, whích I've posted before..."

I didn't know that the Addison stop had information signs in Japanese characters.

An accommodation to Fukadome?

The Waiting--Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
People Get Ready
Take the A Train
Workin’ on the Railroad
Wabash Cannonball
Southbound Passenger Train

There's a bluegrass tune called "Old Train." The chorus is "Old train, I hear your rusty wheels scraping on the rails/ They cry with every mile and I think I'll stay a while." I'd like to dedicate it to the 2200 series cars on the Blue.

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