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Bus Tracker widget for Mac OS X; future of theCTA on South Side; Thanksgiving reroutes

Kevin Zolkiewicz  just recently launched the Bus Tracker Widget for Mac OS X.

For those with a Mac, it makes it much easier to know when the next bus is coming. You can quickly glance at bus arrival times for your stops in OS X's Dashboard without having to load the Bus Tracker web site. More info and the free download is at http://widget.chicagobus.org/.

This widget was made possible thanks to Harper Reed's http://chicago.transitapi.com. As you know, Harper also helped with the creation of CTA Tweet.

Thanks, Kevin!

"The Future of the CTA on the South Side." I got a note last week from Sam Feldman last week about the article he wrote on this topic. He's a University of Chicago student and  the managing editor of Chicago Weekly. Check out his story on possible future expansion of the CTA on the South Side.

Thanksgiving Day reroutes. The downtown parade Thursday will cause lots of bus reroutes. The CTA will run on a Sunday schedule Thursday, and on a regular schedule for Black Friday. Details here.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be taking a few days off, looking for the Holiday Train.


This cross-post from chicagobus.org's Kevin Zolkiewicz just reminds me why I could never start a blog about CTA:

Because I'm not willing to change my name to Kevin.


You will be assimilated! All will be Kevin soon!


Every other man I know is named Kevin.

Just wait until about seven or eight years from now when all of the "Kevyn"s start showing up...or Kyvin... or Bronx or something like that.

Cheryl, I always knew that you only know smart men.

Well, half the guys I know are smart, anyway.

Sam Feldman last week about the article he wrote on "The Future of the CTA on the South Side"

The plan of Hyde Park resident James Withrow for the Gold Line is half of the Gray Line proposal. It involves only the South Branch of the Metra Electric and not the Blue Island branch. The complete Gray line proposal is available at the following link:


Hooray! Google is using different colors for routes on bus tracker!

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