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The proselytizer meets his match

A clean, well-dressed young man boards the southbound Red Line at Loyola and starts preaching the word. He shares his tale of how Christ our Lord saved him from 13 years of gang banging.

Granted, he's not asking for money or hurting anyone, but he's a little annoying and, well, doing some heavy duty Christian proselytizing.

We are leaving Granville when he really begins his spiel, and -- about two minutes into it -- a 65-year-old woman in a beige beret yells, "OH SHUT THE FUCK UP."

He ignores her, and she shouts, "SHUT THE FUCK UP. SHUT-THE-FUCK-UP."

And then the guy gets off the train.


If I knew that's all it took, I would have tried that years ago.

I think that 1st sentence is missing a noun...

Chris: Thanks for the missing noun alert. Fixed.

Last week on a northbound red line train there was an extremely loud-mouthed man yelling to the whole car. His spiel had something to do with his annoyance that some people do not have a smile on their face (as though being harangued after a long hard day would give us a reason to smile), and admonitions to treat their significant other right when they got home. It was heaviily laced with expletives, extremely loud, and he had been going for maybe 15 minutes before I switched to another car, because even the earplugs weren't helping. I think he was finally put off the train.

Awesome! Nothing like yelling expletives at young people. Great job grandma! Those whippersnappers need to be more cynical!

I think I saw this guy on the Red Line back on Venetian Night. He talked about his time in county and how Jesus saved him from the gang life and, at one point, talked about how he had been heavy into drugs and seeing prostitutes - and yes! - running around with transsexuals (that's how he put it).

No one really paid him any attention, and he kept saying, "All right, now I'm about to get off this train..." before launching into another spiel. Finally he got off at Sheridan, at which point another lady nervously said "Thank God" and a few other people nervously laughed. Rookies.

I saw him again a couple weeks later, riding the train, but not preaching.

I once saw a guy on the #6 bus who was admonishing the high school kids not to be oversexualized. He accused one girl, somewhat improbably, of having breast implants. Thankfully, one sarcastic kid started having an actual conversation with him, which basically made him shut up.

better than this infamous incident on the MARTA..



I have the perfect response now. Saw it on a bumper sticker.

Every time I see one of the holy rollers getting aggressive, I bow my head, put my hands in prayer position and in a loud voice I say:

"Dear lord, please protect me from your Followers..."


As I imagine the scene, I see my Mom in the role of the woman shouting at the preacher.

Oh, man, I don't know which are worse, the young kids who get on screaming and yelling or the religious "nuts" telling everyone how they're going to hell and screaming about. I remember the one large woman who would get on and go from the start of the ride to the Loop in one car tossing around and brimstone in a high whiny voice. My "favorite" part: she would tell everyone, "You're all lost in the wilderness and you're all yelling HELLLLLLLLLLLPPP. You're all yelling HEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!" She'd scream it at the top of her lungs.

I don't think I've ever yelled at anyone to shut up, though. Probably should have (what gives them the right to take over someone's time and basically hold them "captive").

I support this lady's sentiments and would have gladly joined her in telling this guy to STFU.

It's sad that so many people are willing to casually dismiss a person's rights to free speech and religion just because the find it annoying. To me, it's the foul-mouthed woman who should be the subject of our annoyance.

"Free speech" means that the government can't prevent us from speaking our minds. Other citizens can make an effort to convince us to shut up -- isn't that free speech, too?

Exactly, Adam!

There's nothing in the constitution that says one passenger on a train can harrass all the other passengers. Get off your high horse and stop trying to make this guy a martyr.

If he wants to preach, let him do it in a church or, at least, on a street corner where people can choose to avoid him -- or choose to listen to him. But preaching to a captive audience that just wants to get to work?

I'm against the limiting of free speech as much as anyone... Yes, this person has a right to free speech, as does the foul-mouthed woman does to tell them to STFU. It goes both ways Morydd.

And now I shall proseltyze from the Book of Jobs: the lord gave the passengers the iPod and the passengers said it was good.

A couple weeks ago I was on a Red Line train with a crazy Nader guy telling us all that Obama and McCain were the same, that Obama is just more of the same old status quo, that he'll bail out the fatcats while ignoring regular Americans, keep sending us off to war, and that we'd all been hoodwinked and should have voted for Nader. Nader would have saved us all. But it was too late. After-the-fact doom and gloom. I'm glad we have free speech in our country, but it seemed like he would have gotten a better reception in Bughouse Square rather than on an evening train full of tired people who just want to go home.

I guess he was more entertaining than the woman I once saw meowing on the Foster bus ... but he was equally as crazy and his "speech" was equally as pointless.

They should bring back Bughouse Square. In fact I think they do have a festival there every once in a while. Maybe they'll have another one when they scatter Studs Terkel's ashes.

This guy wasn't crazy, but about a month before the election, my wife and I were returning home on the 77 bus after trying to register voters in Gary. I was wearing my "Vote for Change: Obama" sticker, when some hipsterish looking guy in his 20s or so starting arguing with me about Obama and McCain being the same.

My thoughts: "Oh, you're so cute, you took History of Socialism last semester and now you know everything."

But, not having the presence of mind, and reaching our stop, I only stuttered a few poor retorts and left the bus.

Needless to say, my wife made me take off the sticker after we got off the bus.

I just tell them I'm too old to believe in fairytales and so are they. Trying to convert me only gets you laughed at and mocked for still believing in the bogeyman.

Are you referring to conversion to Nader or Jesus, DavidJ? :P

Both? Though I have voted for Nader twice :P Any candidate who has legalize marijuana in their platform gets a second look from me. This time I did NOT vote green.

I've always had the theory that nearly all of the people who support Ralph Nader have some sort of personality or other mental processing disorder that causes them to lack the ability to engage in anything other than rigid and inflexible thinking. I think it would be interesting if somebody eventually did some research about this. Some psychologist should do some academic studies. Analyze the people who so passionetely have these extreme views. What makes them form these opinions when there is so much evidence to the contrary? What I find perplexing is that many of these people are actually pretty intellegent. Yet that doesn't stop them from having these opinions. Is it because everyone else believes something different? Maybe, in some ways, they feel that most people are conspiring against them. Perhaps these personality disorders are a mild form of those who experience paronia, such as many schizophrenics. It might be on the same spectrum as some of those who have severe mental disorders, just lower on it. I find all of this really interesting. But unfortunetely there is not many people researching these types of things since it would be pretty controversial.

Sometimes I'm glad I'm profoundly deaf.

There are actually times when I'm glad I am profoundly deaf. This is one of them, or when beggars approach me on the street.

Oops! Sorry about the double-post. I didn't think the first one went through.

Since we're all now just talking about Ralph Nader, check out Tim Kreider's comic The Pain: When Will It End (thepaincomics.com) and look for one he did during 2004 depicting Nader as a mad scientist whose death ray is destroying the Earth even as he claims that he is saving it.

Then look for one he did during this election about "breaking up" with Obama after the FISA vote, only to realize that, after "dating" the alternatives (including Nader), he realizes he had a good thing going with Obama.

[I've always had the theory that nearly all of the people who support Ralph Nader have some sort of personality or other mental processing disorder...]

Funny, I've always thought the same thing about Republicans. And people who go to Saw movies. And people who watch "Dancing with the Stars." And White Sox fans. And those Greenpeace people who are always saying to me, "Hey bro! Wanna stop global warming?" And TV political pundits. And religious people. And people who watch "The Sports Reporters". And people who have willingly gone to see a Diane Keaton movie in the past decade. And Grateful Dead fans. And people who play fantasy football. And people who complain about the CTA too much.

Come to think of it, probably everyone has some sort of personality or other mental processing disorder except for me.

Whenever some stoned, pitchouli-stinking, modern-day "hippie" still living in his parents' basement approaches me and says "you care about the environment, right?" or "you care about children, right?" ... I always smile at them pleasantly and say, "nope."

lol...I'm the same way with those "Children's International Folks". The are annoying and actually have their offices in my building...not the charity itself but the "Fundraising Direct" folks that hire young kids to go out and annoy.

They are always asking if I care about children and I say "no" as well.

I then ask them how many children must starve so that they can have that nice screenprinted coat they have on. They usually don't bother me after that...

Kevin Black

It seems like there's some mentally unstable guy talking to himself about how crazy the world is on the Milwaukee Ave. bus every now and then. I yelled, "Shut up already!" at one of them, but he just ignored me. He was talking about how aliens are controlling everyone's minds. It took me a few seconds to realize he wasn't talking into a cell phone earpiece.

I once saw a guy rocking out to Jimi Hendrix's "Purple Haze" on the el. He was singing the lyrics and rocking in his seat. After a minute or so, I realized he was not wearing headphones. It was all in his mind.

Brain. In his brain.

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