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Top Tattler Tales of 2008: February - Three-track Red Line cuts announced

In February, we were just getting over the fact that we barely averted Doomsday in January. And we were preparing for the resumption of the three-tracking project on the west platforms at Belmont and Fullerton.

Oh, and Merry Christmas!

In the top news story of February, I reported that the Red Line would reduce capacity by about 20% when the three-track project began again in late March. So keep this story in mind when we think about whether capacity will increase on the Red Line now that three-tracking is over.

Red Line southbound morning rush capacity to drop 20%

People carry some bizarre things on the CTA, and on Feb. 25 I reported on yet another one:

Boxing up your car exhaust pipe


Are they using some of those cars for the extra capacity on the brown line?

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