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Top Tattler Tales of 2008: January - Doomsday averted

This is the first in a series of the Top Tattler Tales of 2008. For CTA Tattler, 2008 was the year where this blog definitely turned more toward being a trusted source for CTA news and insights and somewhat away from crazy "things seen and heard on the CTA." But I'll try to post a funny story from each month, as well as the top news stories of that month.

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa!

In January, 2008 dawned with much uncertainty for CTA riders. Like, would half the bus service be cut and fares hiked ridiculously?

The answer was no:

Doomsday averted; legislators pass transit bill with free rides for seniors -- Jan. 17.

And then there are the nutty people who jealously guard the seat next to them, and whose sanity is somewhat in question:

Try to take an empty seat? "Perverted; felonious; retarded!"

And a personal note: I was thrilled in January to be named a "webmaster" by Time Out Chicago magazine.


That seat hog totally reminded me of a situation on a bus. I sat down next to a lady and since I am regularly sized person, I stayed within my seating area, not encroaching. It being winter, I had a larger coat on though. I had my headphones on and I thought I noticed a tug on my coat, but didn't think anything of it. Then another tug a couple minutes later. She was apparently freaking out because our coats were touching! To which I started texting my friends in plain view of her that I was sitting next to a crazy lady. Finally, she says very loudly, "STAY ON YOUR OWN SIDE!" I looked at the seat divider and noticed I was still on my own side, so I just furrowed my brow in not understanding what she was talking about and laughed internally. When I reached over her to ring the bell, she had more of a fit, but at that point it was comical to me. It's interesting how someone like that goes through the day if they have such small issues like that on the bus.

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