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Top Tattler Tales of 2008: July - bus bunching, rail safety and SRO trains

Early in July, we wrote a lot about bus bunching, including this inside look at the problem from a CTA driver. Then I told you what  the CTA is doing about the problem, and how more mobile supervisors are helping.

On the rails, the RTA issued a safety audit critical of the CTA on many fronts. We also reported on billing snafus with the new Express Farecard Vending Machines.

In a harbinger of things to come, the CTA finished its slow zone work early on the Blue Line between O'Hare and Rosemont. And the CTA formally announced the debut of standing-room-only rail cars on the Brown Line -- an idea Ron Huberman first discussed with us in March during our Coffee with Ron.

On the nutty CTA front, in July I wrote about leaving a sticky note for Karen, and the mutterings of a drunken Cubs fan. Finally, the Trib recognized CTA Tattler as one of it Best Blogs.


This is a great blog, as evidenced by the number of people who read it regularly. However, I think the "top stories of 2008" posts should go. Most of us read them when they were posted, and it's hard to imagine new readers are flocking to the blog at this particular moment in time to get caught up on the last year in CTA-related news. The number of comments on many of these posts (0) is also an indication that they are not drawing a lot of interest.

Plus, your readers are good at re-hashing issues to death on their own if the need arises! :)

Hey there anonymous: I do respect your opinion, and that's cool if you don't want to read these. But maybe some do.

But honestly, another reason for doing these -- aside from the "year in review" -- is that they are posts I can set up ahead of time to give me some fresh "content" over the holidays. The Tattler needs a break too, you know!

Cheers! And Happy New Year!

Well, I like Year in Review posts. :)

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