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Top Tattler Tales of 2008: March - Coffee with Ron, lots more news

March was a busy month for CTA news. So let's get to it.

First, we held our first Coffee with Ron in March. He talked about many bus initiatives, including the expansion of Bus Tracker, and lots of rail news, including what the new rail cars due in 2010 will look like. At the coffee, Ron also introduced the idea of standing-room-only rail cars.

In March, we also saw Huberman showing off his old policing abilities:

Ron to the rescue! Huberman hustles rude rube off train

There as also news about hybrid buses, that would arrive later in 2008.

Finally, we featured a Tattler Tale in March about how the morning crowd on my daily commute livened up the car.


So overall what does everyone think about Ron Huberman's performance in 2008? I believe the agency is moving in the right direction though slowly. I am hoping that our politicians see that mass transit is vital and throw more money at it. Our politicians in Illinois have failed us thus far. Merry Christmas, and a better 2009!

So what does everyone think about Ron Huberman's 2008 performance?

Justin. Justin. Justin. (Sigh),

The phrase "throw more money at..." is not generally used to suggest something positive. When people use those words it is normally to mock politicians and others who it is believed have a narrow view as to how to make policy. And when one advocates "throwing more money" at something specifically because it is "vital" yet doesn't mention for what purpose this money should be used it serves to completely illustrate what people believe about the people who do this

What are we going to do with you?

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