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Grand Red Line station, Monroe escalator rehab updates

Two big projects affecting CTA Red Line stations are the Grand-State station reconstruction and escalator replacement at the Adams entrance of the Monroe Street station. Here are updates on both projects.

At the Grand station, workers keep plugging away, though they lost some ground during the cold, harsh month of January. The plan was to move the work and land closures to the north side of Grand by March. But bad weather has forced a month delay.

So, by April the Rock Bottom Brewery can get back to normal, while the Bed Bath and Beyond, the Jewel and Weber Grill may see some drop in business and temporary entrances.

This is a project of the Chicago Dept. of Transportation, not the CTA.

Meanwhile, at the Monroe subway station, the escalator replacement work is part of a bigger subway escalator replacement project in the Red and Blue Line subways. A total of nine escalators will be replaced -- three of them at Monroe-Adams.

The escalator from the Monroe platform to the mezzanine is out of service for replacement. That project should be finished by spring. Then work moves to the northeast street to mezzanine escalator, which will be out of service spring through summer. Finally, the southwest street to mezzanine escalator will be taken out of service for full replacement. 


Thanks for the update regarding these projects. I was wondering about the Monroe statation escalator. It appears that they are never working on the escalator. Maybe they need to wait for parts etc but then you would think they would have waited to close the escalator. If they were under a strict project management schedule the need to close escalators for a long period of time would be decreased.
That being said I see them working on the Grand/state station all the time which is a good sign.

Big time problems on the blue line this morning.... Closed at Rosemont due to switching problems. I was all the way down at Roosevelt and they were announcing it on the platform, so at least there was some decent communication....

I must have been on one of the first trains to Rosemont affected by that, roughly 0815. The operator made about 6-7 announcements between Cumberland and Rosemont that "signal and interlocking problems" were causing no trains to pass between O'Hare and Rosemont. He said shuttle buses would be available, so on-train communication was fantastic. The train pulled into the inbound tracks at the station. When I got down to street level, there were no buses present, and the customer service agent was scrambling to get ready to provide assistance on where to board. I figured it was going to be a while to get buses scrambled and over to Rosemont, but I didn't wait around to find out how it worked out.
Tribune is now reporting that there was a derailment between O'Hare and Rosemont. Not sure if that's what caused the problems earlier or if it happened since then.

How do they determine when it is a Chicago Dept of Transportation project over a CTA project?

So maybe everyone knows this - - but what is the status of the Belmont red and brown station? Does anyone have a date on its completion - especially if escalators or elevators would be part of what is being renovated. As a person with a disability it has been very difficult getting to and from work and hoping that the Belmont station would be completed soon!

check out http://www.ctabrownline.com/pdfs/construction_sched.pdf

From http://www.ctabrownline.com/pdfs/progress_poster.pdf it looks like Belmont wouldn't be done till after Wellington and Fullerton, so sorry, its gonna be after May

How do they determine when it is a Chicago Dept of Transportation project over a CTA project?

It would depend on who's facility it is.

CDOT owns the subways that CTA has a franchise to operate in. CTA owns most of the rest of the El system.

So when CDOT is the landlord, they're responsible for any capital projects, while their tenant, CTA, keeps things clean, and does some minor upkeep.

Thanks Rusty!

So, did CDOT do the work for repair on the rail ties in the subway or is that different? What about the recent emergency exits that got updated? I also heard we have to update our air ventilation system. Are these all CDOT?

I believe the track itself are considered trade fixtures, and the tenant, CTA, maintains them much like a store at the mall maintains their own display fixtures. The emergency exit "updates" were basically cleaning and painting, including glow in the dark paint, so that would have been a tenant thing, too. I would expect that the ventilation system, however, would be part of the facilities, and be CDOT's responsibility.

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

What other parts of the track, L lines, does the CTA not own? Is it just the subway? Perhaps there is some shared responsibility with the blue line being in the middle of the highway or where it connects to the hospital... I had no idea the CDOT leased the subway to the CTA.

This is the first I've heard of the ventilation system being updated. It certainly is needed. In the summer it smells like someone died down there.

Surprised that the cold stopped them - though I did notice it took awhile for the subways to heat back up after the snap.

sargas thank you - - it has become much more clear!

chris: I think the orange line tracks are owned by the city too, but I can't find where on chicago-l.org i saw that

How about the escalator on the southeast corner of State/Jackson? They've been working on it for quite a while. They had signs up saying that repairs would be complete by January 31st, 2009...they took the signs down a few days after the 31st, and it's still not open.

The "ventilation system" that is being upgraded is the emergency ventilation fans that switch on in case of heavy smoke, etc. So there will be no relief from summer smells, I'm afraid :)

I wish they could finish the Grand station faster. With only 2 exits, I have to bolt off the train in the morning and run up the stairs so I don't have to wait in line to get out of there.

Actually, if they could just get all 4 exits opened sooner I would be fine.

As a DePaul grad student, I was wondering if anyone knows yet if the U-Pass fuckup yesterday was related to the lack of communication and overall mess resulting from Huberman being moved from the CTA to CPS?

Thanks for the update, Kevin. There have been a few times I took the Red Line to Grand instead of the 147, and I have to admit that it's now MUCH faster. (Although that's probably as much the fault of traffic on the Drive as speedups on the Red Line.) Either way, though, getting out at Grand is just so unappealing to me that I take the 147 anyway.

What about the northwest mezannine to street escalator at Monroe, the one that's always either down and being worked on, or emitting screeching metallic noises whenever it is running?

And will they *ever* do anything about the short supply of benches on the Monroe platform?

So they've got the north side of the south stairs reopened (at least part time) at Monroe, but the workmanship is AWFUL; the treads at the landing (or tiles, giving an optical illusion) are off kilter. Very poor rehab job.

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