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Bino White riffs eloquently on the CTA experience

A new rap video about the CTA articulates all the thoughts many of us have about our transit experience.

Bino White, aka, comedian Joe Hanson, has many good lines in the video, including:

"You can ride the El, you can ride the bus, if you don't mind the smell."

"There's no reason for you to be bored. You can read the graffitti." That line features a photo originally shown in CTA Tattler.

"Just don't touch the pole. Why? It's full of germs." Good advice during the swine flu hysteria?

"When the train is packed, it's great. It's the closest I've ever come to getting laid" -- accompanied by a photo of seriously crowded train car.

"Don't wonder what's faster. All you gotta do is check on Bus Tracker."

And in the end, he warns bus drivers: "I don't have to pay no more! I promoted you in a song. You look at me and you smile and you let me pass."

Good luck with that.

Hat tip to Gapers Block.


Blah blah blah.

Don't quit your day job!
Talentless doesn't begin to describe this guy.

Well, thats 4 minutes I can never get back

I guess readers must agree with the dictionary definition of eloquently rather than your interpetation.It has all been done before---and better.

Maybe if his art wasn't so artless he'd have better luck pursuing gratification in venues other than a packed L car.

I liked the "I hate the CTA" one better.


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