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Masked man makes third rail shortcut

Well folks, Gladys continues to have some very strange El encounters. Thanks for sharing, Gladys!

OK, here's one you won't see every day....

Quincy stop, 7:12 AM. One side's the Brown Line, the other side serves Orange and Purple.

I'm sitting on one of the benches, trying to stay awake. Out of the corner of my eye, I see motion in a place I don't normally expect to see motion. I look over.

Across the platform, on the Brown Line side, a man clambers down off the platform and ONTO THE TRACKS. As casually as though he were crossing Jackson against traffic, he crosses over to the Orange/Purple side and boosts himself up.

The weirdness is only enhanced by the fact that the man is WEARING A SKI MASK. On the second-to-last day of July.

He strolls back and forth along the platform, apparently holding a monologue under his ski mask, and he boards the next Orange Line train when it pulls in.

Needless to say, I've never been quite so glad that I was waiting for the Purple Line!!


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