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More smooth-talking conductors

A few of you fondly remember the "Love Train" conductor, judging from reminiscent comments on an earlier post.

Mike recalls how the Love Train conductor would comment about the stops as he traversed the city: "DePaul - the Blue Demons", "Bellllllllllllmont ..... fun city." Also there were these demographic utterances: "I remember the conductor saying after the Belmont stop, "now it's just the folks going home from work...it's the going home train."

And Merrie shared these memories:

"Maybe this wasn't the same love train conductor, but he had a smooth baritone voice, somehow missing his calling at a "smooth jazz" station. Little comments about the stops, telling people to be good to one another, etc. Around about 4 or 5 years ago.

"He was the first thing I thought about when the CTA transferred over to the automated voice.

"On rainy nights, he told people not to forget their umbrellas. It was a nice moment to see someone turn back around after he'd said that, grabbing their umbrella from beneath their vacated seat, smiling and shaking their head."

Finally, Miss Know It All talks about a conductor with a similar style:

"There was a conductor last winter in Chicago that would recite poems.....he was usually on the northbound red line:

"Done with work, made that money,
Now time to go home and see your honey."

"He could make the most pissed off person on that train smile."

Click Comments with other smooth (or not so smooth) talking conductor stories.


I have a tale of an untalkative/uninformative conductor to share...last night I tried to leave downtown on the Brown Line around 7. I say "tried" because we literally sat for more than an hour between Merchandise Mart and Chicago Avenue, with the operator occasionally announcing that we were being delayed due to an emergency a few trains ahead but would be moving shortly.

When we got to Chicago Avenue around 830, she told us that our train would only be going to Sedgwick, then returning back downtown. So I joined about half the passengers in getting off the train to wait for the next one. When that one came along, the operator told us that there was a fire somewhere up the line that shut the Brown and Red Lines down and that the only way north would be the dreaded Shuttle busses. At which point it just seemed best to call my gal to pick me up from Chicago and Franklin....

On the Purple Line coming down from Noyes, while transferring over to the Red Line at Howard last Friday (that would be the Friday before Labor Day weekend), the conductor instructed the transferring passengers to gather all their belongings (paraphrasing) because nothing ruins a holiday weekend quite like leaving all your stuff on the train.

The Poem Conductor is still around. I rode the Red Line with him earlier this summer.

I also enjoyed the conductor who drove the Brown Line in the mornings (toward the Loop). He was the best. He would always thank everyone for riding the CTA and hoped that "we would join him again on our return trip home." He would also do the "Jaws" theme song when he was trying to shut the doors on an extremely cramped train with people hanging out the doors. Not sure if he's still around. I had to switch to the bus after I moved. Just not the same....

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