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No-Pants Day on N.Y.C. subway

In further celebration of the centennial of the New York subway system, today I'm sharing the results of "No Pants! 2k4" in the Big Apple.

"Agents" with Improv Everywhere have been acting out and documenting a No-Pants Day on the subway for a few years now.

Here's the basic gig:

"The 10 of us met at Union Square and rode the 4 train down to the Brooklyn Bridge stop. Once there we waited for the 6 train in silence, giving no indication that we knew each other. We got on the middle two cars of one of the older 6 trains (there are no windows between these cars). Agents Rosenbaum and Meyer entered car "B" and the rest of us entered car "A". Rosenbaum hid his DV camcorder in his lap under a magazine and began filming.

"The mission worked like this, each time the train started moving a new IE Agent would take off his pants and throw them at Agent Cassis (pretending not to know her), and she would place them in a duffel bag. When the train stopped, the agent would exit car "A", walk down the platform, and enter car "B" (the hidden camera car). Agent Meyer was stationed in car "B" to hold the door open in case an agent needed more time. We did not want anyone to be stranded pantless on a subway platform. Once in the car "B", we would act completely normal, and if asked, we would insist that we did not know the other pantless riders, and that we simply forgot to wear pants."

Gladys, Margaret, Steve .... shall we bring it to Chicago? Who else wants to join in?


That is hiLARious!!!! I love it! It would be so cool to have that happen here on the Red Line during rush hour. I could never do it, though--I wouldn't be able to keep a straight face, and I'd ruin it!

Hey, I'm all for it--as long as someone else is the one not-wearing the pants.

'Cuz honey, me without pants would be just a leeeeeeetle too much fishbelly-white flesh for anyone's liking.

I mean, really. Eeeewwww. :)

Wait a minute, I've had a few late night Red line rides with pantsless riders. I assumed they were drunk homeless people, but maybe I got it all wrong.

Do we still get to wear underwear?

It's too warm to wear pants today. So I didn't.

They should coordinate with the official holiday: http://nopantsday.com

It's on the first Friday of May every year.

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