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Only 162 days till Opening Day

On the Red Line home last night, I noticed a guy studiously poring over the Sports section of the Tribune. That's no so unusual, I suppose. I've done it myself.

But this fellow was closely studying the Cubs schedule for 2005. And the 2004 World Series wasn't over, at least not at that time.

The woman next to him was remarking on his studious behavior. He explained to her that he was counting the number of games against St. Louis, and which ones he was planning to attend.

We just can't get away from those hapless Cubs fans, clogging the trains with their pointless dreams.


Just wanted to say thanks for the CTA notes. I am an ex-Chicagoan now living in Zurich, Switzerland but I still miss my home town. I rode the red line for 15 years, first between Loyoloa and Chicago Avenue and later between Berwyn and Jackson Blvd. I saw many interesting things during that span, and it is nice to see nothing has changed ! Keep up the entertaining work !

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