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Why those CTA cell talkers are annoying

The Sun-Times yesterday reported that researchers found cell phone talkers are trains and buses are annoying because we don't hear the other side of the conversation. (Why didn't I think of doing such research for a living?)

Lucio Guerrero reports that "researchers found cell phone use in public is more annoying than just two people talking because your brain can't help but listen. So whether you want to or not, you are forced to eavesdrop."

OK, so I'm guilty.

Read more about the study here from nature.com. It mentions that " 'cell yell' may be due to the fact that phone users don't get any feedback to tell them their voice is too loud."

Do you think we should start shushing cellers?


Absolutely. I find cell phone conversations to be the most annoying part of an el ride. I read on the el a lot, but I find it very hard to concentrate on anything other than a person's one-sided phone conversation. You know how in the olden days, trains had dining cars? I'd love to see the CTA start cell phone cars--every third car during rush hour--the rest of the cars would be no-cell phone zones. Peace and quiet (relatively speaking of course) for the rest of us.

I'm split. Sometimes, they're really annoying, and sometimes they're fascinating. I was on the Brown Line two weeks ago and heard a health care worker give a detailed description of someone else's medical problems. Now I know the patient's job, ethnicity, condition, and how she's handling her infectious illness. The only thing I don't know is her name. I was very tempted to point this out to the woman dishing the dirt, but she got off the train before I could say anything.

I had this EXCELLENT idea of how to deal with that--I was going to print a pad of "tickets" to drop on the rude celler's lap as I passed--but alas, there's nothing new under the sun and someone else has co-opted it.

www.glarkware.com--look for "urban a$$hole" and you'll find them. I'd order, but the price is a little steep.

ok, I got a fab idea for ya'll: what if we just butted into the conversation? So that girl who asked the person to open her mail--the person who was forced to overhear that could have said: "So what does it say?" If someone tells you you're a jerk, etc., you could just reply, "Oh, I'm sorry. Was I being rude? It's not like I was talking on a cell phone, was it?"

What do you guys think?

I think The Mascot's suggestion is the best. If someone is yelling into a cellphone but also into your ear, it makes sense to pretend you think they're talking to you, so get involved in the conversation: "I'm sorry...were you talking to me? Oh, well, you're talking so loudly, I thought you were talking to me."

And I agree that sometimes there's a fascinating call. I once overheard on the Red Line near Belmont a guy who was apparently a physician for United Airlines, talking to the flight crew of a plane in the air with a woman having a possible heart attack. He was having them do a bunch of things before the last resort of nitroglycerine. It was like a scene from a movie. I was able to hear the end of it, and it sounded like the woman's condition had improved and they were getting close to landing, where there was an ambulance waiting.

As annoying, REALLY ANNOYING, as the cell phone calls of others can be, lately I've decided to make them more interesting...for ME. I look right at the person, switching between looking at their eyes and their mouth, and I pay attention like they are talking to ME. They are, aren't they? If they don't get the hint (and they NEVER do) I start nodding my head or shaking it when ever they ask a question. And next (and always the fun part) I start answering and joining the conversation as if I'm the person on the other end. I love using such lines as "Well that's because she's a whore." or "Well then maybe you shouldn't wear that outfit." and my favorite...."Okay, what time should I meet you there.". Tee hee.

Everytime that someone comes with new technology someone is out there to knock it down. Don.t get me wrong their are certain things that should not be discussed on a cell phone there is a time and place to do alot of things.Alot of people have one to keep there business successful and also if you have children they need to get ahold of you, it makes life just a little bit easier. I for one have a few cell phones one to do my work one for my children and one for just to talk to friends that i have not seen or do not see on a day to day basis. I do feel you need to be aware of where you use it and how but when you ease drop someone conversation it is your choice.

Topaz...eavesdropping by choice isn't what normally happens. Normally the person is talking so damn loud that you could probably hear their conversation in the next car!! I'm fine with people TALKING on their phone on the train and I don't really care if they talk about their sex lives, their weird rash etc etc as long as they aren't YELLING it to the masses...as usually happens!!

listening to people talk to one another is just as annoying as listening to a one-sided cell phone conversation. the fact is, the cta is a public system, and people are going to eat, talk on cell phones, listen to headphones too loud, smell bad, fart and do basically every other annoying thing you could possibly think of. just because you need a book to pass the time doesnt mean you deserve some "quiet time". that just comes with the territory, and you cant expect luxury... especially from the cta. if you want quiet, take a cab.

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