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Chastising rude riders

I actually saw a CTA employee chastise a rude rider yesterday.

Well, it was a security guard with a dog, but hey, the CTA employs them right?

The guards with dogs were working with Chicago police to do a train security check, and this time it was at the Clark/Division station.

As the guard was finishing the check -- which basically amounts to peering into windows -- she stepped onto my car and told a young fellow: "You'll have to move that bookbag so someone can sit down."

Wow. No need to hand out cards when you have a dog to back you up.


Everytime I see the guards with the huge dogs, I want to pet the dogs and squeal "Puppy!" Of course, the dogs are not pets and the guards are not kids (though they are usually very young people). Are the guards part of CTA security, or part of the CPD?

I think the people with the dogs actually work for a security company rather than the CTA or the city.
Good for that guard!

The guards with dogs work for a private security firm. Of course, when they do the security "scan" (I wouldn't call it search) of the trains, Chicago cops are there with them.

I've been wondering who is responsible for those dogs. The dogs always seem pretty skinny, and this one I saw last night looked really miserable. He was trying to get his muzzle off by rubbing it against the side of the panel next to the door. Also, the trains are really loud and lead to hearing loss in people, let alone dogs have much more sensitive hearing.

Who do I contact about my concerns?

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