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Last-minute shopping ideas

It's two days before Christmas, and you still don't know what to get your girl friend? The CTA is here to help!

How about a lovely CTA "Take it" golf shirt? Or a knit hat a scarf set, with a plush Teddy bear thrown in?

You can find them all at the CTA Gift Express. And some items are even marked down. Whoo hoo! But hurry, quantities are limited. And with just a couple of days till Christmas, you'll want to get them directly from the shop at 567 W. Lake St.


Oooh, I may have to get the shower curtain. I have the MTA version to pay tribute to my New York roots, so I may as well start a collection. I wonder if other cities also have subway system shower curtains.

Hmmm.... I dunno Jasmine. Isn't there something slightly creepy about taking a shower ensconced in the CTA's Red Line? ;-)

I can only hope that, were I to buy the CTA shower curtain and put it up in my bathroom, that I would come out of the shower not smelling like the CTA. Though I used my MTA shower curtain and never once did I emerge smelling like potato chip bags, urine, vomit, beer, or dead rats (unless those items were in the ingredient list for my shower gel, of course).

oh, the CTA shower curtain is definitely on my list of dream gifts. you could plan your journey and clean your body at the same time! now that's time management. and it gives you a chance to study the routes, memorizing important stops and lines. "i've got a meeting in ravenswood this afternoon, how shall i get there?" the answer is right in front of you, on the shower curtain! yes, even your shower curtain knows more than you.

Of course, there's a lot of gen-you-wine CTA stuff at the City of Chicago store, in the Water Works building across from the Water Tower. And just south of Water Tower Place mall.

You can buy old versions of the plastic L map inserts that were above the doors in rail cars. I have one on the wall above my kitchen sink, and it's not terribly out of date, so I can learn the CTA map while I do dishes. How many stations are called Western? Five stations are called Western.

Scott, living halfway between Granville and Loyola stations

i've always wanted one of those dark blue baseball caps that the bus drivers and conductors (remember them?) wear. why aren't those for sale?

i remember being tempted to snatch one off the top of a conductor's head, as s/he leaned out the window. *sigh* the good old days.

Merry Christmas!

Am looking for a cta shower curtain. New condition. If anyone knows where I can get one. please respond. Thanks!

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