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Penny rides back for New Year's Eve

Pennies First the CTA tried to take away the Holiday Train, and then the penny New Year's Eve rides were threatened. But the CTA board relented on both poor managerial decisions and brought both back.

So friends, get your pennies out of that jar and leave the car at home Friday night when you go partying for New Year's Eve. Whoo Hoo!

(And I thought they didn't let you use pennies anymore?)


in my experience, the "penny rides" are kind of a marketing ploy. i have always been allowed to ride for absolutely free on new year's eve. i think they advertise the "penny" thing because it lends a fun twist, rather than just saying it's free. what does the CTA want with all those pennies anyway?

Yeah, the secret is out, they don't actually charge you for those rides on New Years Eve. However, some law says they must charge a price, so they advertise rides as costing a penny, which is the obviously the lowest price they can legally charge. Can you imagine if they had to make change for all those riders?

Actually, I was wondering if they really charged your transit card one penny if you inserted it New Year's Eve. When you get down to it, the mimimum they would have to chage is 5 cents, because you can't add a penny to the card. You can only add a nickel or more.

So if they really do charge you, be sure to ride at least 5 times on your transit card to get your nickel's worth! Because anything under 5 cents you're giving to the CTA anyway.

usually the transit workers wave me through the turnstile without paying, so i don't get a chance to test out my transit card. it would be an interesting experiment, though. i bet you'd get charged the normal price. it would cost them to go into the systems and reprogram them to charge a different price on that one day. and we all know the state of CTA's petty cash!

Being that is new yearz, are they running the cta every 15minz or so from midnight to 6am for that one day only? Cuz don't the linez and buses stop running around 1am?

Jonah, the Red Line and Blue Line operate all night on their holdiay schedule. Go the transitchicago.com to find out what that schedule is.

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