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Bus stop shave

Manshaving Yesterday morning, as I was driving home from the gym, I spied a middle aged man standing inside a bus shelter, merrily shaving with an electric shaver. Gotta love those cordelss models.

This morning, at the same time, I saw him again, shaving away. But this time he was standing one block west, on the other side of the street, with his shaver hugging his bearded face.

Perhaps he had a better view of the oncoming Lunt bus.


if you are scattering DNA samples on public transportation, it is safe to say that you are being GROSS. this includes clipping/biting fingernails, shaving, spitting, bleeding, urinating, deffocating, picking your nose, farmer's snotting, hawking a loogie, vomiting, or anything else that i've forgotten (which would fall into the "extra wierd" category).

it's that simple people - PLEASE KEEP YOUR DNA TO YOURSELF!

I'm going to have to agree with that statement. Seriously, DNA is disgusting.

Scabs. Don't forget the picked scabs.

Don't forget sweatting and shedding skin. Breathing is a problem, too. Come to think of it, don't go into public unless you're contained in a sealed, self-contained environment.

oooh, i forgot about scabs! good one!

that other post about fingers in the ears got me thinking about earwax too. plug your ears to muffle the sound of the train, then touch the pole. ewwwwww.

although, i'm not sure...does earwax have DNA in it?

This morning about 7:10, Brown Line southbound. I heard that buzzing that sounds like the signs being changed. I turned around to see who was shaving...but it was the signs being changed. I'm sure other people on the train wondered why I was laughing about it.

I do hope this guy was shaving his FACE. Not, you know, lower.

The same thing occured on the CTA's red line. See video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-jSG0oyhXA

What are you doing about the safety of your drivers? They are going thru absolute hell.

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