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Prone Vertical sleeper

People like to sleep on the El or bus. That's not unusual. I see sleepers virtually every day on the Red Line. But this day was different.

I saw a woman sleeping while standing.

I could see her eyeballs kinda rolled up in the back of her eye sockets. She stood right by the doorway, her pinky finger barely hanging on to the pole.

Do you sleep on the train or bus? Do you ever oversleep? Do you worry about missing your stop?


yes. i sleep on the train, particularly in the AM, when i hate to be awake and could use an extra nap. normally, this sleeping is just below the consciousness rradar, so i can hear the train stops being announced, etc.

i *have* overslept though, going to work on the red line from bryn mawr. once, i was supposed to get off at lake and found myself opening my eyes and thinking... hmm. light? we can't still be at fullerton.

well, we weren't...i opened my eyes to find that we were racing along the expressway. i got off at the 35th st. stop. i think the total number of times this has happened to be has been no more than three.

falling asleep on the way home usually consists of headphones on, and falling into sort of dreamy, meditative state. i don't think i've missed my stop going that way.

I've only overslept my stop twice, each time by only two stations. But I've heard of people after a night of drinking taking the Red Line south to Addison and waking up at 95th.

I've had people give me a little shake when I've obviously fallen asleep by mistake on the red line. How considerate, otherwise I would have most definitely slept until the end of the line.

this woman did the same for me right before we hit lake the other day... asked me when i had to get off. that was way cool of her.

Not to be a %@$#, but "prone" means lying down, and in particular face down. Which would be a sight to see on the El, but not what you described.

Oops! You're absolutely right DAvid! Just proves that we can all use an editor!

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