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The showdown turned stalemate

Here's a scary El moment, brought to you by a Tattler reader. Post your fun stories here and we'll spotlight the best of them.

I once witnessed a pretty scary moment. But first lemme say that I myself have spent some good times in the Hobo Corner. It's a good place to have a drink or whatever.

So anyway, I was on the Orange Line going to Midway. The car I was on wasn't that full. But the key players in this story are: a young white girl, sitting alone; a young scary looking Mexican kid, maybe 20-23 years old sitting directly behind her; a middle aged black guy (not a professional, but not a bum or anything); and a few randoms.

So we're riding, and all of the sudden I hear someone (it turned out to be the Mexican kid) yell "BOOM!!!" And you see people on the train kind of looking around like what the hell was that? It turned out that this Mexican kid had pointed his finger at the back of the girl's head like it was a gun and pretended to pull the trigger.

So he gets up (this is around the Randolph Orange Line stop) and he walks up to the black guy and stands right in front of him -- and you can tell the Mexican guy is totally wasted. Either tripping or drunk or I don't know .... But he was in another world. And he gets in the black guy's face, and he starts saying, “You hungry man? You hungry???”

So now people are getting nervous. I happened to have my wallet out because I was seeing if my license was expired because I was on the way to the airport and sometimes they don't let you use expired licenses as an ID.

So the black guy gets up and says, “Yeah I’m hungry ... hungry for a piece of that ass!”  He wasn't backing down.

The Mexican kid kind of backs away and is standing directly in front of me ... and here I had my wallet out! So I nonchalantly put it away.

Meanwhile the Mexican and black guy are exchanging words and the black guy stands up...no fear at all. He was ready. So there was this mini-showdown ... very stressful moment because you never know who has a gun these days.

The Mexican kid backs down and leaves the train, but before the train leaves he comes up and bangs really hard on the glass and motions toward the black guy to get his attention. When the black guy looks at him, the Mexican makes a motion -- moving his thumb from one side of the neck to the other ... very slowly ... the way you slit a throat. And that was that.

As the train pulled away, the black guy kind of spoke to himself and the rest of us out loud saying, “Did you see that? This guy pretending to shoot this girl here … acting all crazy ... I shoulda wooped his ass!” (That's how I came to know what that 'BOOM!' was. The black guy witnessed what happened.) And then he got off at the Roosevelt stop I think.

It was a very crazy moment. And I was thinking...man, don't let me die on the way to vacation! Not now…


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