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CTA finally speaks: No cuts! Gee, thanks guys

The CTA board, speaking through board secretary Greg Longini, finally has announced that there will be no draconian service cuts this year.

Gee, thanks for letting us know guys! It's only been about 8 or 9 days since the state lawmakers found the extra cash you were looking for! And the CTA's own Web site still has a home page link to "planned service cuts and fare increases" -- a page first posted on April 13.

Nor has CTA President Carole Brown posted a word since May 27 on her own Ask Carole blog.

I've said it before and no doubt will say it again: "Bring me the head of Frank Kruesi."


It's nice that they gave people a little heads up that the doomsday was not going to happen this year so we can scrap our contingency plans. I hate to say I told you so, but didn't I mention what's to prevent them from making another doomsday senario next year. I don't know if it was on this website, but I know for sure I said it to my friends who ride the CTA. They finally restored service for this year but is making no promise about fare hikes and cuts next year. So basically the solution that was created was to make the state go further in debt to the pension plan, state employees see a cut in their checks (last pension debt the state brought on, my mom's check got cut by 4%) and all that money goes to waste by next year cause the CTA will cut service anyway. Great job Lawmakers!

Is it just me, Kevin, or are you doing a lot more postings within the past week and a half. I don't mind cause I'm a little bored at work, thus all my comments :)

Cmama: I guess you're right, I have been blogging a little more than usual these days. Maybe I'm just so excited about the big CTA Tattler birthday bash coming up on Friday. Click here for details. Be there!

But don't forget the obvious: There's just soooooo much material out there!

Yeah, but the suburban repubs are still trying to get some of CTA's $$$.

Carole Brown speaks! http://ctachair.blogspot.com/2005/06/cta-board-meeting-update.html

June 9, 2005 post. Essentially saying "yep we want the entire 53.9 mil and nope it's not going to do anything for FY2006, so THERE."

So don't scrap your contingency plans yet, cause it looks like you're probably still going to need them come January 1 or so.

I think if CTA is still going to threaten a doomsday, we (CTA riders) should make our own doomsday for the CTA. How about the day they plan to cut service and raise fares, we all find another way to commute to work for a day or a week. Carpool, dropped off by someone, walk or ride your bike. I have a new 7 passenger Ford Explorer (It'll be 1 years old June 14th) that's aching to stretch it's wheels. 7 people times the $3.50 for CTA ride is $24.50. Early bird special at downtown garages are about $15 so that's a cool savings. Sure we'll be suck in traffic, but mabye we'll send a message to lawmakers and the CTA that we mean business.

cmama, I wouldn't be completely surprised to find out that your idea might be exactly what the CTA is hoping for.

See, in their eyes, if the CTA isn't given the money they need to keep running, then everyone who currently rides the buses and trains needs to come up with an alternative. And that of course means more vehicles on the road and more traffic and more problems finding parking... which makes them look like SUCH a better option, even with reduced schedules.

And then they can come riding in from the sidelines with their "salvation plan", which coincidentally looks an awful lot like the "doomsday plan".

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