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Blade Man, the protector

Trizanne shares this scary Tattler Tale:

When I was about 19 I got on the red line at Jackson with my boyfriend. The car was quite full but there were two seats left, one in front of the other so we sat down.

I was sitting next to a twitching homeless man, but most of those guys are totally harmless and beggars can't be chosers if you want to sit. After about two stops this guy turn to be tells me I'm pretty and that he will protect me. I thanked him (what else do you do) and kept riding in silence.

He then tells me that he's not joking he can protect me. "See" he says and points to the bag at his feet from which he has withdrawn a huge knife with a 10" blade.

Now I am nervous but the last thing I want to do is make this man feel slighted or rejected. So I thank him again and make subtle motions to my boyfriend to switch cars at the next stop.

Boyfriend is oblivious and I end up riding to Belmont next to Blade Man.


Is that a 10" blade in there or are you just happy to see me?

This should be cross-posted at Oblivious Boyfriend Blog.

Really, I'm not sure whether the more shocking behavior is the "protector" showing you his blade, or your boyfriend zoning out on the incident.

My wife would have stabbed ME when we got home if I had let a situation like that continue!

Oh well, as for the knife wielding nutrod, maybe when the CTA's management issues are solved in a few generations, we can try to fix our dysfunctional mental health system...

You continued to sit next to a "twitching" guy with a 10" knife?
Darwinism at its best.

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