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Leotard man leaves nothing to the imagination

Here's a good one from Berni:

Mid afternoon on Sunday. A 151 finally arrives after a long wait. By the time the bus reaches Randolph and Michigan, it’s quite crowded.

A large number of people are waiting to board the bus including someone who may/may not be a street performer as indicated by his attire (visible from the shoulders up: derby hat, vest, tie, very large glasses).

Most of the waiting people are looking but keeping their distance from him. They all board the bus.

The bizarrely attired man must stand by the front seats. He is wearing leotards but, to all appearances, no underwear.

Those seated in the front seats looked alarmed, amused, bemused, or try to ignore the view. Two stops later he is able to sit down. Looks of relief pass over the faces of all those who were subjected to the unique view.


This guy lives in Uptown. I've seeen him occasionally over the last 10 years. One time he was rollarbalding. Fon't know his name, though.

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