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London mayor rides subway; where's Daley?

Earlier this week, London's Mayor Ken Livingstone rode the city's subway to reassure stunned and skittish Londoners that they should "carry on."

When was the last time we saw our Mayor Richard Daley do that?

I'm sure he has some spare transit cards lying around the house with the odd 15 and 35 cents on them, doncha think?


What is the point of this post? Chicago, unlike London, did not suffer these terrorist attacks. You think you're jumpy about terrorism on the el? Imagine being in London. Daley would be grandstanding if he made a show out of riding the train when Chicago had not been attacked.

I think the question needs to be more general, i.e. Just where is the mayor with regard to any (every) CTA issue, whether it's safety, funding, cleanliness, etc??? He was silent thru the funding debacle. The stations are falling apart and the cars are filthly. Not only would I love to see the Mayor ride the L, I want it to be often and I want to see him sitting on those filthly cloth covered seats. Two weeks of him riding the L (in this heat) and we'll see him on the news announcing the termination of CTA top brass.

I believe Livingstone rides daily, or at least often.

I think the point is that Daley NEVER takes the CTA. He has a chauffered car and lives in a luxury downtown highrise condo. I wonder if he walks to work. He could make it from his condo to City Hall without walking outside!

I heard that Livingstone always commuted on the Tube, so news of him returning to his normal routine is probably reassuring to Londoners.

It's obvious - - the Mayor stays away from the CTA because it is unreliable, slow, filthy and unsafe.

He and Carole Brown are 'letting us eat cake.'

I don't really care if the mayor rides the train. I think everyone who works for the CTA should have to use it to commute to work.

I don't really care if the mayor rides the train. I think everyone who works for the CTA should have to use it to commute to work.
Since Daley names the CTA President and (mostly) decides the level of city funding and security, it would be nice if he rode the train at one day a year. I don't know that he's been on the CTA since he became mayor 16 years ago.

That's true, e.

Of course Daley soon will live right off of Millennium Park, so he wouldn't need to ride it to work. However, it would be nice if he'd ride it to some function or another every now and then. Of course security concerns would probably cause havoc.

Really, I'd settle for him making transit a priority and regularly using his bully pulpit to prompt reforms.

And one of the first reforms I'd like to see, as some others have suggested, is that managers and executives should have to use the CTA at least on a weekly basis to commute to and from work. Don't live within the service area? Ooops, better find another gig pal!

I think the question is very valid. Whether or not we were attacked is irrelevant.

I think someone like Daley should ride CTA lines on some type of regular basis (whether its a one a month thing or once a week or whatever)

From a politcal perspective it would most likely be beneficial because it will make him seem like he is somewhat empathetic the Joe Everyman who commutes and rides the CTA. Also it could help shape his ideas about CTA (either positive or negative) and potentially convince him to take a more active role in the ongoing politics of it. Not to mention having the spectre of surpise rides by the mayor JUST MIGHT keep CTA employees a little more on their toes.

I think all mayors of big cities who rely on public transportation should do this.

The most important rule for these bigwigs taking transit is that it would have to be a REGULAR thing, not once in a blue moon.

It would also have to be unannounced, otherwise, the CTA would make sure that Daley just happened to get on a spotless train that was right on time and he'd get off at a scrubbed, well organized station with courteous, knowledgeable attendents. (Now, I know, you're thinking 'there AREN'T any such attendents', however Chicago has legions of underemployed actors who'd jump at the chance at a paying gig.)

Seriously, I think it's important for the people who make decisions about transit to understand what's going on from the rider's perspective. This would go a long way to establishing that understanding, provided it doesn't turn into the predictable political show.

I think in general Daley stays away from regular people.

Mike Bloomberg rides the NYC subway all the time.
He's done it for years and he's a billionaire.
Daley is a lazy, good for nothing parasite on the taxpayers.
Carole Brown rarely rides either.
I don't don't know if Kreusi rides, but whenever he's on TV he's wearing a CTA reflective vest.
I guess he's afraid of being struck by a runaway microphone.

His name escapes me at the moment, but I remember that 20, 30, or 40 years ago there was a CTA head that lived in an apartment in Oak Park with a view of the Lake St. El, and he often rode the El or the bus to work.

If you run a transportation system, it's not too much to ask that you also use it for your transportation needs.


I believe its a requirement for employment by the CTA to live within the service area. Of course, the CTA seems to operate under the "do what I say, not what I do" (hrm, sounds like my boss too), so I wouldn't be surprised if the higher-ups don't live anywhere near the L.

They do have to live in the service area, but this also includes the RTA service area, so some employees move to the far south suburbs such as Matteson, Park Forest, etc to live within the requirements.

Daley riding the L? What a concept! Maybe he could also emulate NYC's subway riding mayor in another area. Bloomberg's home phone number is in the white pages. And he has been known to answer his own phone! What a concept!!!

As much as I would like to see all these political big whigs get off their high horse and act like us "common folk", I know that I'm dreaming in la-la land. I think the day we see Daley take public transportation is the day he goes to Cook County Hospital to get a flu shot....not gonna happen.......

Eh...he'd just be one more fat-ass takin' up two seats. Plus the entourage screaming into their cell phones.

The subways aren't for decent people, at least thats what a lot of people in Chicago think. I really think that car ownership and class have a lot to do with the terrible attitudes people have about mass transit. In Indianapolis, where I used to live, sometimes strangers would explain why they have to take the bus. (i.e. my car is in the shop) It was such a stigma not to have a car in Indianapolis that people had to beg apology from strangers just to be seen using mass transit.

We can solve this problem and give the CTA some extra income. It's an easy fix, too. Create first class passenger seating in the first car! Have the car set up nice and have a few attendants collect extra fare. That way, our class system is preserved, and the CTA is saved!

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