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The gross Cub chew dudes

My post yesterday sparked some interesting comments about the nature of baseball fans and the North and South Sides. Generally the South Siders get the nod for being true fans.

I almost get bored posting about obnoxious Cub fans.  I probably should have a self-imposed ban on posting about them. And then I see something else I'd never seen before and just have to tell you all about it. Like yesterday afternoon.

Chew_dude We were headed downtown to a Millennium Park Grant Park Orchestra concert (don't you love the built-in oxymoronishness of that?) when we hit Addison just after a late afternoon loss to the Pirates. The car jammed up fast.

I noticed four guys who looked like they were about two-to-three years removed from their college frat. One guy was so wasted his eyes were almost rolling back in his head. But he and his other pals all carefully hugged their water bottle to their chest, and lips.

At first I thought maybe they were filled with whiskey, but soon I discovered the real answer.

That scummy brown liquid in their water bottles was the spit from their chew. They would put the bottle to their lips and spit into them.

Now, THAT was gross.


All these Sox-Cub comments. North siders suck, South siders suck.....Just like visiting "down south". The war is still being fought.

Yeah it's gross. So what?

Some days I read this blog and wonder if one day you're gonna go nuts and start writing letters to the CTA in proposition of new cars where each passenger doesn't have to see, hear, smell, or interact with anyone else.

FFS, learn to deal with your fellow man already.

matt, i'm wondering if commenters like you are going to learn to deal with the premise of this blog already.

he's making an observation. pure and simple. and he wasn't even as rant-y and i would have been. chew is disgusting. i don't understand why people do it. they stand as much of a chance as getting a cancer as smokers, and while they aren't going to give someone else secondhand smoke cancer, they subject us all to their disgusting displays, their disgusting garbage, and the possibility of having to deal with the nauseating chance of having to deal with cleaning that shit up. (see said rant.)

kevin just rides the rails and the buses and calls it as he sees it.

i never understand why every now and again that gets people so fired up.

now, chew? that i can get behind getting fired up about. :)

At least they didn't spit it on the floor!

BTW - I am a different Matt than above. This Matt loves the interesting and witty observations made on this blog!


Next time put a warning on postings could be sensitive to some readers. I was reading your posting then looked down at my BROWN coffee...I nearly gagged.

I'm feeling better now :)

I'm with Matt #2 - at least they came armed with receptacles...

And joy oh joy I get to brave the Red this weekend to go to a Sox game.

At least they didn't spit it on the floor!

Exactly. As long as someone isn't doing something that is going to directly affect other riders (i.e. peeing on the seats, barfing, etc.), I say let them be.

i As long as someone isn't doing something that is going to directly affect other riders

Fine. So as long as I clean up after myself, it's okay to clip my toenails in front of you?

I'm Swedish. I've often been tempted to write about Tunnelbanan (Stockholm's "T" which is, in all aspects, far superior to the "L").

In anycase, I feel compelled to write about a little something called snus. Snus is very similar to American dip, however it is made from pure ingredients -- tobacco, salt and water. Whilst it remains a tobacco product and thus is likely to lead to mouth cancer, it does have one HUGE benefit over the American counterpart: You do not need to spit when taking snus. You do not produce the same quantities of spit when using snus, rather the second ingredient (salt) actually prevents excess saliva production.

Should anyone be interested in a trial of snus, I believe it can be purchased in Andersonville, however I am not certain. I do know with 100% certainty snus is available at the tobacco shop located in the Board of Trade. They have two brands, I recommend only General, not the "other" brand they carry.

For more information check out: www.swedishmatch.se or


Lycka till!

and another thing:

I almost forgot. Snus goes "upper deck" so it's not quite as obvious as the American version. I've sat through many a meeting without anyone knowing about my nicotine fix.

Fine. So as long as I clean up after myself, it's okay to clip my toenails in front of you?

As long as your feet aren't stinking up the joint and the clippings aren't landing on people or the seats, go right ahead.

(don't you love the built-in oxymoronishness of that?)
I love the word "oxymoronishness."

The change of our climate is, is not natural

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