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Riders applaud exit of obnoxious talker

Heading northbound on the Brown Line at about 9 pm, my friend has a slight headache and is trying to study her Chinese lessons. She's in the aisle-facing seat by the door.

Two couples are sitting in the middle of the car chatting. But one woman had a very penetrating voice, and was overly loud. She was trying to tell stories about movies she liked but she couldn't remember any details from the movies. She was also describing a Meat Loaf concert she had attended. "Her voice was like a knife to the head," my friend said.

Then the lights flickered when they passed a switch and she started freaking out about being on the El. The woman told everyone (loudly) about how she took taxis everywhere and was uneasy about the El.

Finally, she and her guy friend exit the train. They were barely out of the car, the doors hadn't even closed, when a young guy in the middle of the car sang out: "Thank God she's gone!" About five other people applauded.

"Gee, I thought it was just me," my friend said. They assured my friend it wasn't just her.


i love that. i can't frigging stand people that have no concept that their voice volume is inappropriately loud. shame on her friends for not giving her a subtle "shh" or doing the universal gesture for "keep-it-down": pushing the flattened palm toward the floor.

I've started shhh-ing people on the train (and also hands-free shouters on the sidewalk) with very positive results. So far people have quieted down (at least for a second) and nobody's beaten me up yet.

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