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Max tells us what riders are reading

Earlier this year I was doing some weekly roundups of what people were reading on the CTA. People do lotsa El reading, so frankly, I was spending my entire commute writing down book names and rubber-necking to see what the whole title was, the author, and writing down descriptions of readers. It kept me from my newspaper reading and my other Tattler reporting. So I stopped. Call me lazy.

But yesterday I got an e-mail from Max, a Medill journalism student, who mentioned his own blog about books, The Millions.

He's done a few posts himself about what books he sees people reading on the CTA. "I find myself endlessly fascinated by what people are reading on the El," Max says.  "I think it's because I worked in a book store for a few years and since then, I'm always interested in seeing what books are out there "in the wild."  And oddly enough, I always get a little thrill when I spot someone reading a book that I like.... In that sense, maybe it is a bit like birdwatching."

So, since I'm too lazy to do the work anymore on this kind of thing, I urge you to read what Max has seen others reading: Here, here, here and here.


Is it just me, or do most people reading on the L seem to have just begun their book?

Yeah, I think they usually are just starting. I guess it's easier to start a book than to finish it. It was pretty amzing, though, to see people on the L almost done with the (700 page) Harry Potter book two days after it came out. Those folks are dedicated!

The HP books are really quick reads. I finished this last one in a day.

What is going on with the CTA.
Why is the CTA abusing their employees by forcing some of the exempt people to work more than 16 hours a day?
Why is the CTA constantly demoting, suspending and discharging their employees?
Could the CTA employees be overworked or hardly working?
From what i hear the moral is at the lowest low and it doesn't look that it will be improving soon.

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