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CTA workers get lost wallet to owner

Here's a heartwarming story from Cec to start our holiday season and to show many CTA workers really do want to help passengers:

CTA deserves some praises after my experience this morning.

I was daydreaming on the Red Line southbound going into Fullerton. I had to transfer to the Brown there as I do every morning. The doors opened and I got startled and bolted up to exit the car. After the doors closed behind me and the train was on its way, I realized I had dropped my wallet in the train as I left my seat. It was fresh with new $20s the ATM gave me yesterday, not to mention the other necessities of life.

I approached the control booth to find the CTA man I always see on the Fullerton platform. He's usually walking around the platform taking a lot of notes about the trains going in and out. I let him know that I had left my wallet on the train that just left.

Over the next 10 minutes, as two Brown Line trains and a Red Line were in and out of Fullerton, he radioed some people, radioed other people, made some calls, and before I knew it, as the second Red Line train approached, he said to get on it, get off at Clark/Division, and the lady at the control booth will have my wallet.

I'm still not sure how they did it. But I am thankful that they pulled it off. I'm wondering if any commuters were involved in giving the wallet to a CTA employee. Nonetheless, I got my wallet back, with all my money still in it (I think there's even a little more). Thanks to the employees at the Fullerton and Clark/Division stops. And thanks to the conductors and/or commuters that saved me a lot of stress and heartache.


That's pretty darn cool.

I also lost my wallet on the Red Line once just last year, in my freshman year in IIT. I didn't realize that it wasn't missing until I got out of the Lake station to transfer to Green Line. I was in for a real shock, such that I had to travel all the way to 95th (guards let me back in, even though my U-pass was in there) to get to the Lost and Found (and thus skip my 9:00 Calc II class!).

Luckily, when I logged into a computer at IIT, I checked my e-mail, and lo and behold, I got an e-mail saying "Found your Wallet"! I thought someone up there spared me some suffering.

Apparently the guy who found my wallet was the guy I sat next to in the train. He was able to contact me with the help of my IIT card, which as he said was his "only lead". He looked at the IIT website and searched for my e-mail.

I later went over to his house to pick it up that night.

(Thanks again, Bill. I owe ya!)

That happened to me once - I left my whole purse, cell phone, dorm keys, IIT ID, credit cards and all...my friend was w/ me so we called my phone (we had been going northbound and got off @ Sox/35th) and a very nice commuter named Terrence had answered it for me. He was trying to tell me where he was going to leave it when he went underground @ Roosevelt. Anyway, the CTA worker @ the Sox/35th stop radioed and called around until he found it. The man had left it with another CTA worker @ the blue line Jackson stop. (There was no one at the red line Jackson stop.) Anyway, I get there, everything's still in it, and Terrence left me his number in case anything was missing. I always forgot to call and thank him...

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I lost my black wallet with my Drivers License, and $7.00 with 8 ride Metra Pass. I was travleing on the North Bound Green Line Train Approximately 5:15PM 8/10/2008. Please if it is recovered mail it to the address on the Drivers License. I would greatly appreciate it !!!!

I lost my wallet today while getting off the Red line at Roosevelt station around 12.30 midnight. I have my bank cards, driver's license, state id and 5 $20 bills and even more. Please let me know at 312-479-3895 if any of you find it. Greatly appreciate it!

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