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Hair twisting and public health

A woman in her late-20s sits directly in front of me, twisting her hair so tightly it looked like cornrows. As she twisted, she left a little tip of hair fanned out at the end of the cornrow.

She delicately stroked this little tip of hair, just as a baby would stroke the satin edge of her favorite blanket.

I decide to Google "hair twisting" and was somewhat surprised to see that this person may be sick!

The poor thing! I do hope she gets well soon!


I just looked at that list of Tourette's tics. It seems everyone has Tourette's.

The woman in front of me does it as well, compulsively, every day at work. Good for me, I just got a bigger monitor that blocks my view of daily her hair-twisting/hair-pulling episodes.

One day I had to look up something on her computer while she was out, and her entire desk, including the chair, was covered in hair.


I once saw this woman ripping out strands of her hair from the top of her head and eating them.
She was completely bald on the top of her head.
It was one of the saddest and scariest things I've ever seen.

I saw a special on TLC about people with this disease. Apparently, it's very dangerous to the person's health and very hard to cure.

Have you guys seen the news reports about the plane that crashed through the fence at Midway?

I have the same problem..I can't stop twisting my hair..when I'm at my computer..there are just chunks of hair everywhere...

I can't stop..My teachers even tell me to stop...

I dont know what to do...I've had this habit ever since I was a kid

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