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Clean with a Capital C!

As I boarded the Red Line on a rainy and dreary morning, my olfactory sense was assaulted by strong, strange smell.


The floor of the train car was Spic n Span clean. It appeared the car had just been cleaned at the Howard yard and then put into service mere moments later.

You could still see swatches left on the floor by the trailing edge of a mop.

A lovely sight indeed!


You mean Spic n Span, right?

Bet that nice, clean smell didn't last too long.

There was a hobo that was in the back of the train (but not in hobo corner) and didn't give off one odor! For once a pleasant trip......anyone see the article in the Chicago Tribune? CTA will soon be posting customer complaints and percentage of buses and trains that are on schedule.

one time i got on at belmont around 8am to find VOMIT on the train. at 8am! on a school day!!

Thanks Ed. I made that correction to Spic n Span, not Spin n Span!

Once in a blue moon, something wonderful happens.

I love the smell of bleach... I'd use it more often if the fumes weren't bad for my cats...

it just smells like clean.

The real question is why can't this be EVERY day, or even every run, that train floors have trash swept and a bleach mop applied to them? That's the way it is in New York, and they're not swimming in money at NYC Transit, either. They just have crews manning terminals with mops and brooms. It's not rocket science and it's done throughout the day. The conditions that we take for granted here on the Red and Green lines never, ever are allowed to happed in NYC. Aren't our riders worth the same respect from our transit agency?

Mike --
"they're not swimming in money at NYC Transit"??? Let's see, they did have a $1 billion surplus, they offered free rides to customers during the holiday shopping season, and then they tried to give $130 million back to employees until Gov. Pataki blocked it.

How would you propose to pay for CTA "crews manning terminals with mops and brooms"? CTA is already taking $40+ million dollars out of capital maintenance in 2006 just to pay for basic operating costs. Would you cancel orders for new buses and rail cars to pay for these crews, knowing that we'd see more service breakdowns in the future? Are you familiar with the union rules that would require two separate shifts to do this in order to cover both rush hours, thus doubling the number of people you would have to hire? Have you called your state elected officials and told them to support specific new revenues for CTA?

Be realistic, my friend. It takes money to run the system, and your $1.59 (assuming you have a Chicago Card w/ bonus) doesn't even come CLOSE to paying the cost of your commute.

although unions were beneficial in the past, I see no reason to keep them around. All they're doing is making companies go bankrupt, run deficits every year and in the end, they hurt the consumers and employees when the company closes. I bet you that all these operating costs and employee contracts that have the CTA in the whole has a union influence somewhere in there.....I wonder if there's a way to get some of that NYC transit money over here. Or maybe we should have some of their management come here for a year and clean up house.

Yes, I would cancel orders for new rail cars and roll back capital improvements like the Brown Line project, because until the CTA actually learns how to maintain, on a regular and proactive basis, the physical plant that it has now, anything new that it builds or buys will similarly--and similarly quickly--fall into the state of disrepair that remains prevalent today. And that's just throwing good money--my money, thank you very much--after bad.

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