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Equal opportunity scariness

My daughter shares her CTA adventures from this past weekend:

She was transferring from the Blue Line to the Red Line when she heard the Red Line arrive as she was near the end of the transfer tunnel. She hoofed it to the top of the steps and just managed to sneak on to the northbound train as the doors were closing.

She stood huffing and puffing in the doorway when a middle-aged black woman screamed at her: "Sit yo pink ass down!" My daughter did as she was told.

The woman proceeded to talk to herself out loud the entire journey. At one point she mused: "Whatever happened to 'That 70s Show'?" Two black teenaged girls chimed in and asked, "Yeah, whatever happened to that show? Why did they take it off the air? That was a good." The woman said: "I didn't ask yo black ass." They just looked at each other and shut up.

The rest of the ride was highly charged with comments like that. As my daughter prepared to get off at her stop, the woman said, "Hey wait! I'm not done talking to you!"

The doors couldn't open fast enough.


There's a delicate balance between entertainment and fright but when the scale tips toward scary I get off at the next stop and run to another car. Mind you scary often means loud crazy people (sorry for the judgement) but all too often it's a stench that drives me away.

Yeah, the stench is the number one reason for changing cars. My wife and I were heading to Midway from Morse and since the plane left at 7am, we had to get on the train at 4am. We got on the first car and were greeted by 3 smelly homeless. On the next stop, we moved to the next car and were greeted by two crazies that started smoking after a few stops. We changed cars again and were quickly surrounded by two more hobo's but these were not too smelly or menacing so we decided to stay with them for the rest of the trip.

Red Line + 4am = The crazy train

No police presence + northside lakefront overabundance of mental health facilities, housing and shelters = mentally ill and homeless people on the Red Line and Broadway bus at all hours. I switch cars too if they're belligerent, loud, profane or poopy-smelling. On the CTA, you're pretty much on your own at any time of day.

But, but ... "That '70s Show" is still on the air! Sure, it's jumped the shark but it is still going.

I never watched "That '70's Show" until they started running reruns

About 30 years ago, I was on a Lake Dan Ryan train westbound, when someone got on at State and Lake, and announced that he was hijacking the train to Wrigley Field. I thought about telling him that the next one was a Ravenswood, but since I was exiting at Clark and Lake, just got off.

If I remember correctly, there was a similar scene in a movie with Freddie Prinze (a search indicates the movie was The Million Dollar Rip-Off). That movie also had another bit that actually occurred at the time--a person applying for a reduced fare card was challenged because the picture didn't look like her, but she said that a picture now would make her look ugly (or something to that effect).

Maybe the psychos on the train are verbose as ever, or we have an incipient movie plot.

It's easy and convenient enough to blame mental health facilities and homeless shelters for the smelly malcontents one finds on the Red Line. But that's not really fair, is it?

The real problem is that "That 70's Show" turns people into crazies!

Just watch. When that show goes off the air, the train cars will smell a lot better.

No, just the overabundance of them. And yes, it's Fez's fault too.

I think I've been on a train with that woman... it was a packed Red line, and she started yelling at a woman in her 20s for "standing too close to [her]." Said young woman pointed out she had no room to move; Crazy Lady kept yelling. So young woman decided to have fun, loudly and sarcastically echoing Crazy Lady's comments: "Attention passengers: I'm a whore, everyone! This woman wants you to know!"

After a bit more of this negative reinforcement, Crazy Lady shut up and the young woman went back to reading a book.

The last episode of That 70's Show is due to air on May 18.

The last episode of That 70's Show is due to air on May 18.

This was some funny ass shit. I digged it!

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