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Mother Nature keeps Brown Line stations open this weekend

Mother Nature did what many citizens and political might could not -- it forced the CTA to put off weekend closures of Kimball and Francisco stations because of the recent rains and threat of rain.

Meanwhile, kudos to the CTA for posting the train ads reminding riders to patronize the many businesses that are still open and struggling at the Kedzie and Rockwell stations, scheduled to be closed for reconstruction for at least six months.

In other CTA news, the president of the bus drivers union said if the drivers strike, it wouldn't be for at least a month.

The Trib reports: " If a controversial bus-scheduling system known as rostering is still in effect at two garages on that date (April 9), Amalgamated Transit Union Local 241 President Darrell Jefferson said he will call a strike."

The bus-scheduling system is know as rostering.  "CTA bus drivers are upset about rostering because it allows them less flexibility in choosing their runs and restricts how overtime is paid," says the Trib. "The process has been in effect at two of the CTA's eight garages since 2004, despite the union's request to end it."

"Jefferson is focusing on April 9 because that's when bus drivers' picks for new runs are set to take effect."


I don't suspect that the Kedzie businesses will be too impacted. That street has tons of foot traffic and street traffic all the time. On fact, the el stop seems like a distraction there. Rockwell, though is different. My wife and I live a block from the Western stop, but have been trying to go to Rockwell at least once a week to patronize the businesses now.

I really wish Mother Nature hadn't put off the station closures for this weekend. The only thing she accomplished by doing this was to add an additional week to the timeline. I'd rather get this thing done and over with.

Watch, now it won't rain this weekend. Mother Nature is freaky like that.

I'm with Ed, and I work Sundays. This just means they'll tack a weekend or two or six on at the end of March.

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