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Talk about making yourself at home!

Yesterday I wrote about the rude seat hog. But this guy takes the cake. Or the seats.

The Chicago Journal's police blotter this week has a horrific tale of a CTA bus squatter. It's a story they call "A rogue’s guide to riding the CTA with first-class comforts." From the Journal's report:

Kenneth Luches, 37, of 229 N. Laramie Ave., was arrested for assault on March 5 at 9:34 p.m. on the 100 block of West Lake Street. According to police reports, an allegedly intoxicated Luches got on a Chicago Transit Authority train and reportedly placed his coat across two seats, and then removed his gym shoes and placed them on another seat.

After that, he reportedly placed a large plastic bag on another set of two seats, and subsequently removed his socks and threw them to the floor of the train. Luches then reportedly sat across a third set of seats placing his now bare feet against a window.

A CTA employee approached Luches and asked him to gather his items. Luches apparently didn’t like what he heard and reportedly lunged at the CTA employee while waving his arms and stating, "I’m gonna beat your white bleepin’ ass."

Despite the threat, Luches fled the train, but was detained before he could get farther than the platform. While being placed into custody Luches allegedly said that he was drunk and that he likes getting drunk.

(Thanks to Gapers Block for the tip.)


What a heartwarming story.

What a freak.

I've always wondered how many seats one person could take up. The most I've seen is four.

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