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The Ten Commandments for CTA riders

The First Commandment: Thou shalt use no other transit options before the CTA.

10_commandments The Second Commandment: Thou shalt not make graven images on CTA property, including windows, doors and walls of train cars, buses or stations.

The Third Commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of the CTA in vain -- except when trains are late, buses bunched and service reps surly.

The Fourth Commandment: Remember the Hobo Corner and keep it holy.

The Fifth Commandment: Honor thy El motorman and thy bus driver so that your commute will be short.

The Sixth Commandment: Thou shalt not act out on the CTA.

The Seventh Commandment: Thou shalt not have intercourse in the Hobo Corner.

The Eighth Commandment: Thou shalt not pick thy neighbor's pocket.

The Ninth Commandment: Thou shalt not bear large backpacks against thy neighbor.

The Tenth Commandment: Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's seat.


how about

11. Not soliciting candy, cd's, socks, balloon and stuffed animals, or yourself on trains and busses

12. No smoking on platforms or throwing cigarettes under buses before boarding

13. Move all the way into the train and bus so other passengers do not have to push their way on.

14. Take your trash with you and dispose of it in the conviently located garbage cans

15. THOU SHALT NOT EAT nor drink on CTA trains and buses! Stop it, people!

move to the back, move to the back, move to the back. this mantra ought come before all others!

why is it the lincoln park set is the least likely to get this? is it because they never darkened a public transit sliding door before they became urban yuppies?

The Third Commandment: Thou shalt not take the name of the others in vain or other topics especially by cell phone or with loud booming voice.

16. Thou shalt hang up and spare us all the vapid details of thine life.

17. Thou shalt close thy legs rather than take up most of the aisle/seat. Thy balls cannot be that big. Fold up thine paper, sit up straight, and respect thy neighbors.

18. Thou shalt keep thine voices down, so as not to disturb the train with conversations about handbags, Americal Idol and other assorted useless topics.

19. Thou shalt refrain from scab/pimple picking, tooth flossing, nail clipping or makeup application while on the train. You know who you are, and you make me want to barf.

20. Thou shalt refrain from beleaguering others with loud sighs and looks of death. It's not our fault the CTA is running ridiculously slowly. We are all trapped on the same car as you. Your complaints do not make the ride easier for anyone. Take a cab!

21) Thou shalt mind thine own damn business.

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