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"I heard a loud *thump*" ...

Yesterday I blogged about chicagocrime.org, your comprehensive source for reports on CTA crime.

Today we get a firsthand report of a take-down on the Blue Line.

My buddy Tovi often seems to find himself in the middle of fights on the CTA. Yesterday was no exception. Here is his story and camera phone photo:

Cta_fight_2_2 "On Monday, my wife and I were riding the Blue Line north from UIC when we heard a loud *thump* as we were reaching Jackson.

"I didn't make too much of it but looked toward the back of the train and saw the scene depicted in the picture. It seemed the guy that is standing near the doors with the white hat had punched the guy who is lying in the floor, and had knocked him out cold.

"The black fellow near the middle was holding him back while the guy with the white hat walked around the one in the floor and said stuff to him. When the train reached Jackson, we headed to the front of the train and saw the conductor walking toward the commotion.

"In the end, we stood in the station for about 10-15 minutes while the conductor talked to the guy in the white hat. I'm not sure if what I'm saying is what really happened since I only saw the guy on the floor but that's what I can make of it from the limited info I could gather.

Thanks for the report Tovi. Click below to see a photo of an unconcerned passenger reading a book while all the commotion unfolds behind him.

Now that's what I call lack of affect!



I wonder what the guy in the black leather jacket is thinking.....he's the only one not looking at the action

I want to know what he's reading.

He's got to be looking at porn pages hidden in side that brochure. (Just a guess!)

Even the lady next to him is concerned.

Nah, I see what looks like white wires near his waist.... he's a Pod person.

i want to know what the people who are inches away from the cold cocked motionless man lying on the floor were thinking when it all went down!!

I think this just goes to show you that i someone tries to cause harm to you in public, that you're on your own and theres a very good chance no one cares or is going to help you. ahhhh, the human race.

Ahh Jay you are so right.!Google "Kitty Genovese" people, and read her story. It will open your eyes about how people react to emergency/dangerous situations!

Good point Jay!

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