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Yahoo CTA alerts widget available

The newest Yahoo! Widgets allows you to download software to receive CTA wireless alerts directly on your desktop, as opposed to your cell phone or other wireless SMS device.

Last week I downloaded the CTA Alerts widget created by Louis Nathan. I think it's a good start, but it needs work. If you haven't been logged into your computer and some alerts where received earlier, it tries to catch you up with them when they may actually be too old for you to find them useful.

But check it out and see for yourself.


Too bad it's not for Mac OS X's Dashboard, which is better than Yahoo Widgets (at least if you're on a Mac) and has been for a long time, even when it was Konfabulator.

Oh well.

Dont we already have something like this on http://upoc.com?


Do we really need 2 of them?

Alex, the deal with this widget is that you can install it on your desktop, and the Alerts automatically pop up there as they arrive. It just saves you the effort of looking on the website you note, or the expense (for some) of getting them sent to your cell phone.

This is so cool. I don't have a cell, so I try to stop by the website and check it before leaving for anywhere. Now I don't have to.

I actually know how to program OS X widgets. I'll give this a try in the next few days and see if I can get one for dashboard working.

Thanks Tovi!

This is slightly off-topic.

I use the email alerts to a gmail account which forwards them to my cell phone. This may delay them, but gmail could filter them by line or bus route (assuming the lines and routes are identified correctly and consistently).

I was wrong. This is annoying. I'll go back to checking the website before heading out.

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