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Your comprehensive source for CTA crime

I think CTA trains and buses are safer than ever, with more police there ever before assigned to patrol the CTA and its property.

Chicagocrimelogo But that doesn't mean there's no crime on the CTA. And I've found the most comprehensive source for CTA crime facts -- and Chicago crime facts in general -- is chicagocrime.org.

There are four handy location categories on the site: CTA bus, CTA garage/other property, CTA platform and CTA train.

The site downloads data from the Chicago Police ICAM Web site and applies Google Map technology to it to map the crimes.

There's lots of information to help keep you safe on your commute. For instance, under the CTA train location, the page reports that the most common crime for that location is Theft by Pocket-picking. There have been 117 incidents of pocket-picking, compared to just 40 of the most common crime on CTA trains: 40 simple batteries.

So people, watch your purses and wallets.


Thanks for the nice words about chicagocrime.org. I'm a longtime fan of CTA tattler myself!

I've been considering adding more specific CTA breakdowns of crime on chicagocrime.org. For example, given a crime's address and the fact that it happened on a "CTA bus," it would be possible to deduce which bus route it was on -- so the site could offer a way to browse crimes by bus route. (The exception for this would be bus routes that cover the same streets, of course.) I could do the same for el lines. Any other ideas?

It is interesting that most of the recent crime associated with CTA bus is on the southwest or near south side, while most associated with CTA rail is on the north side (according to the markers on the maps).

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