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Nude woman on the Jackson platform

The title of this post might sound familiar. But this is a new one. After reading our dispatches from "Crazies Week," the CTA Insider shares this memory of no doubt countless crazies.

This happened years ago but it's still burned onto my brain.

I was working an early morning in the Red Line Subway on State Street with a group of workers preparing for the State Street Fair or something. It was a wet and chilly Sunday morning and I had gone to street level to get some air. As I'm coming down the stairs one of the guys I was working with comes running up the stairs and yells out, "Dude, you gotta see this!" Which if you hear that at the CTA, you really don't make a habit of following up on.

But I figured I didn't see any smoke and no one else was running so how bad could it be? I get to the bottom of the stairs -- now this is at Jackson so there's an elevator past the stairs on the platform -- and I said, "Is it past the elevator?" To which he replies, "Yeh, on the bench!"

So at this point my heart starts to beat harder because there's no one around, which is never a good sign. As I make my way around the elevator shaft I get a glimpse of a person on the bench, so I'm kind of relieved that no one is laying on the platform.

Well as I come around the elevator shaft I spy a 50-ish black woman, stark naked sitting cross-legged, smoking a cigarette.

As this hits me all I can think is, "OK, you can find a cig laying around even if you're naked, BUT WHO THE HELL GAVE HER A LIGHT!?!?!?

And as I start to laugh a train pulls up and off gets a supervisor with the most bemused look I've ever seen. He proceeds to walk over to her sit down and ask her where her clothes are. She replies, "Why, YOU want them?"

This makes me laugh even harder. He then offers her his rain coat, which she looks at like it was on fire. She says, "No thank you I'm fine the way I am!"

So after much cajoling he finally gets her to accept the coat and off they go to the Roosevelt station.

I'll say this: She never acted either crazy or high.


OMG. I nearly choked on my oatmeal reading this. Hollywood is missing a gold mine by not just using the camera footage from CTA buses and trains. Truly improv at its best.

"I'll say this: She never acted either crazy or high."

Yeah, like that's normal behavior.


Who the hell gave her a light? Maybe she was able to light it herself. Now, that would be a story.

I've seen a lot of things riding the Green line but I've never seen a naked person. I'm kinda feeling left out.

Maybe the third rail did the deed for her?

I was entering the Sheridan Redline station once when a naked older guy ran down the stairs and nearly knocked me over on his way out of the station. I don't know if he was naked on the train, threw his clothes off on the platform and ran for it or what. It happens people!

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