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Photo of rude supervisor, and CTA's response to complaint

Cta_supervisor_1 CTA Tattler readers have demanded that Justin (aka Bluebummer) share with us the photo of the supervisor who verbally harassed him this past week. And here he is.

Also, here is the response from the CTA to the complaint Bluebummer made about this guy:

"Thank you for your complaint and we're sorry you had such a confrontation on the train. Based on the details you provided, we are assuming this occurred early Sunday morning; we urgently need you to correct this if it was actually early Saturday morning.

"We cannot encourage the taking of a photograph of anyone without the subject's permission --whether to be published or not -- but we also require our employees to speak professionally with all customers at all times. Your complaint is being forwarded to the supervisors of the Blue Line for the appropriate corrective action. In the meantime, we appreciate you telling us about the situation. And for future reference, the employee's badge number is all we need for a positive identification; a photo is not necessary.

--CTA Customer Service

Click on continuation below to read Bluebummer's complaint letter:

OK so last Night I got on the Blue Line north bound from Belmont at about 12:30 am. When we arrived at Addison we were told by the operator we would be waiting for a southbound train to pass before we would be allowed to go, which was fine. we sat there a good 20 - 25 even though we had just passed a southbound train just as we were pulling out of the Belmont Station.

So I stepped out of the train and asked why we were still standing and only then was told we would be standing for another southbound train. That's when the supervisor I believe on the platform started to get an attitude with me. Badge number 32278. He then must have thought I was a problem or something and got on the train and stood right next to me. He then proceeds to ask me what my problem is trying to start an argument with me. So I take out my camera and take a picture of him to send in to you! See photo attached. I figure this is better evidence for you!

He then proceeds after the picture was taken to call me a pedophile (which I do believe is someone who likes kids...) and pervert for taking a picture of him, a strange man who I do not know. and tells me it is illegal to take photos on the train. Now from what I know as a photographer it is not illegal to take photos oh the train, as I have several times before with no problem whatsoever. So either way he proceeds to call me a pervert and radioed for the police to meet us at Jefferson park (who were not there when we arrived. Although this Supervisor and the station security followed me out of the tunnel to the bus terminal.

I am sorry but the way this supervisor handled this situation bothered me. What he did defaming my character in front of others on the train by calling me a pedophile and a pervert is more of a crime than me taking a photo of him to send in to you guys. Taking a photo of someone is not a crime. Publishing it for profit without their consent is. That is the difference.

I would like to file a complaint and report of this incidence and would like to know what action is taken against this HORRIBLE supervisor who defames and verbally assaults passengers who pay his salary! Thanks. --Justin

I do expect to receive contact back immediately or I will file a police report against the CTA. Thanks!


Well done!!

bagdge number? i don't see him wearing a badge... and CTA management wants the riders to be professional, but not the employees?!?!?! give me a f...ing break....

(The badge number is on his hat.)

To bad you couldn't get audio!

To bad you couldn't get audio!

Yeah, you get the badge number, and then they tell you they have no one with that badge number. Or that person doesn't match the physical description. Or was confirmed on Howard/95th/OHare/Wherever else you weren't. Or whatever else. It's a genius move, though, switching the focus of attention from the asshole employee to the customer.

Get the picture. Always get the picture.

i know this guy , he was a pain in the ass when he was a bus operator , he was an even bigger pain in the ass when he was a rail operator, and now that hes a supervisor, well just use your imagination.

in all seriousness from the comments i have read from , people seem under the delusion that supervision or , being a supervisor is a positional of management. which is entirely not true.

the lowest form of management that there is at the CTA is what's called a "Transportation Manager" which would be one of the first people that you would talk to regarding a complaint that a person might have.

being a supervisor is not there to be an authority figure for the operator's (buses & trains) but more as a co-worker. They are only there to help us.

i am a current employee of the
Chicago Transit Authority and i wouldn't want a supervisor to reflect my actions.

thank you , and i hope this helps

I've lived in this city for 35 years and have had MANY strange and awful experiences with CTA employees. I was once denied entree to a bus because the driver had seen me bending over to retie my shoe and accused me of picking up a used ticket from the ground. Never mind that I was in office attire and clearly headed for work at 8a.m. on a weekday.

Asking for help at a kiosk and being threatened by a woman "in the cage" for asking if the trains were running. This was at a Loop Red Line station -the platform was deserted.

Being thrown off of a bus for asking the driver to STOP! I had rung for the stop, the ringer was working - I guess he didn't hear me. He called the police. This was at Sheridan and Foster.

The people in the cages - I have never, ever had a good experience with them: They either don't know, give you bad info, or are downright hostile. You are better off asking people what you need to know on the platform. It's sad, how many drivers don't know the city, don't know the routes - it didn't used to be this way. The good people started leaving in the late 80's, early 90's, as the union contracts had been bargained down or removed completely. There used to be good people that had been there for years that you could rely on. It isn't like that any longer, as all of you can see.

10/20/08 10:30 AM

I take the train every morning at Lawrence at 8:20a.m every morning. When I first got this schedule the representative told me to take the 8:29 train I assured her I would catch the earlier route. Based on the fact of construction to give my self an extra 10min before I had to be at work... I work for a furniture company which has a mandatory opening time 9:45 p.m to open my store 10:00a.m to open to the public. There is only one person required to open this stores. So my job is just as important as any body else. My punctuality is need so that NCSOS can’t be ignored. NCSOS means No Customer Stands Out Side, and that means no one. We were in forced by CTA to leave out earlier and that’s what I did only to be told when I called the 1-800. That a delayed slip can't be providing. Why? For started the train pulled up 5min late. Then due to another train being directly in front of us we had to stop 3min at every train station to let the train ahead to go. This delay was not due to construction it was due to a train a head. The Red line train station is a very important train base on the fact that you use it to connect to other train line. In my case it is Midway. Every customer is important however on this line half it passenger are connecting so that they can get off at Midway and catch an airplane. In my case it is, opening the door for customer who will be standing out side waiting, and welling to call your corporate manager for having to wait to spend a couple of Thousands dollars. Now I have been leaving earlier then suppose to, and when you guys are late we are late. To not acknowledge that is to injustice to customer and soon you too will probably be laid off. Why, because customer like me will eventual stop taking transit, because they cannot afford to be late and neither should you guys which is why I truly believe you are have funding problems you lack good customer service, punctuality, and the disrespect for your customer in the dire need to be on time. I can't believe we pay your salary, and when we call to tell a train has been delayed you call your customer liars. You here me I was more the 23min late before I got to Midway and I can't get a delay slip to prove that just know. Next I will make sure I get you some proof, which is what she asked me for. Proof I don't have time to stand around talking to a conductor about their punctuality, and I trying to concentrate on mine. So it seems pretty sensible to get to work to call CTA and have them fax over the information need. I will probably loss my job in the end because my boss does not under stand being late, and neither should your boss. Punctuality, is how many company stay in business, and you guys are going to feel it when depression kicks in from this Recession so you guys should be as nice to your customer as possible based on the fact you too might NOT have your job next year. You only get what you put in. I should hope in the near future that it doesn't take almost two years for the next construction to be completed and you blame your customer for being at work late. When it is a reflection of how unstable CTA really is. So thank you CTA for making me late at least 1 out 3 times I am due for a shift.

I will not let this go!


wow. I am sorry for what happened to you. I do not understand why CTA does absolutely nothing to fix this issue. It also seems that they are racist, in a sense that i only see blacks work for CTA or at least good 99%... With the job market being in a hole with todays economy, anywhere else for customer service that is rude and ignorant and hostile you would get fired in a moment, but not at CTA. Something is wrong with this picture... and i have multiple stories with CTA customer service. Heres the most recent one. My card said see attendant / code13. I went and used the machine that checks balance - it read $6. So i went up to the cage and started calmly telling about the #13 code problem on my card. The rep did not even let me finish the sentence and in a rude tone told me "why wont you go and put $2 into machine and get a new card then?!". I politely asked her to change her rude tone to normal. But again she did not let me finish and told me that she does not have to listen to this b.s. .. at this point i left and emailed ctahelp@transitchicago.com . I doubt that they will do anything about it thou

This new Ventra card is a huge pain in the ass!
When I bought this card, They told me that I had to pay five dollars extra. Then they would refund it when I registered it. Low and behold, I could not register it on line! When I called the call center, I was transferred and hug up on! People! Hold CTA to task on this one! They are counting on these mistakes as it makes untold millions for them.

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