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Polite motorman makes for pleasant CTA ride

A pleasant motorman on Red Line run 816 last week made the ride to work a little more bearable.

He reminded people to give up seats to the "handicapped and pregnant woman, and any man who looks real tired. We're all family here people, so let's treat each other right."

A minute later he said: "This is your train, I'm just the chauffeur."

He was chatty throughout the ride, but not in an obnoxious way. As we got toward the Loop, he reminded people by the doors to step off the train to let passengers exit more easily.

And they did!

It was actually a pleasant CTA riding experience.


Is that the same guy who gives the spiel about "You're riding on the blessed train, and the blessed train is the best train..." etc.? Love that guy.

this is similar to the man on the blue line run (8:15-ish usually leaving logan square) who gives the weather, and gives the ETA to clark & lake and the end of the line.

really appreciate the conductors who admonish passengers to let all people off before you get on, though. hate hate hate when people line up nose-to-the-door outside.

i agree with Chgo Red about the "blessed train" guy. it's been a while since i've ridden the red line (been taking the 147 bus a lot lately), and the other day was the first time in months that i was on a red line and i rode the blessed train. it made me smile when i heard that spiel again.

I also truly enjoy the driver of the 147 express who melodically mentions to passengers to "be prepared for the bumpy ride as this bus will run express from Foster/Lake Shore to Michigan/Delaware"... He really puts a smile on my face.

LOVE the blessed train guy!

Can't stand Mr. Yelling-Temper-tantrum guy....that guy grates my nerves like no other!!


This might be the same guy who drives the train when I get on at Loyola just before 8am during the week. He wished Happy Mother's Day to everyone this morning. I wish they all would be extra nice...it makes a big difference :)

Is Mr. Temper-Tantrum-Guy the one in the Mr. Engineer outfit who screeches "FIRST AVAILABLE DOOR!" at almost every stop? If so, I was hoping he was off the system for a little retraining. I've reported him three or four times after experiencing him and his erratic operation of the train (overshooting the platform, stops on a dime, etc.).

Scott...you indeed have the right guy in mind! He's still around...unfortunately!

I like getting the "blessed train" guy. He always puts a smile on my face.

Some guy in a seat next to me was all like "I dont need a blessing, I'm an atheiest". I told him to calm down - he's just wishing you to have a good day - cant atheiests do that?

The more communicative they are - the better the ride experience.

I believe the "Mr. Engineer outfit guy" started on purple, and is now on red. He's not very nice.

Also, I really like the operator on the orange who says good evening, weather conditions and "in the event of a emergence water landing maneuver there are flotation devices under your seats".

"Pick up your belongings and have a nice day, thank you for riding the C..T..A"

I wish more operators would talk and not let robot man do everything. It makes a difference.

like jen said, i get on at logan square around 8 - 8:15. the conductor gives the ETA to clark/lake and often to the end of the line as well. he also apologizes "for the delay," any at all and tells us how far 'behind schedule' the train is among other little details. most of the riders smile when he is on the mic.

It scares me that Mr. Engineer Guy is still allowed to operate a CTA vehicle. He seems seriously unstable. I plan to report him every single time I encounter his erratic behavior; fortunately, it's been a while since the last time. Less screeching about first available doors and more attention to operating the train smoothly and safely is all I'm after.

I like the guy on the pruple line that gives us trivia on tuesdays! And the answer on wednesday!

I love the Blessed Train Guy! He's so sweet! I always get so excited when I find out I'm on his train. He always make me feel so nice in the morning.

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