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The Insider's thought on rude supervisor

The CTA Insider has some insights on the CTA supervisor who harassed a rider. Here are his thoughts:

This is what happens when we get new supervisors with little or no training. We are about to lose a lot of the good ones to retirement and these are some of the worst employees to have in a crisis, let alone a simple verbal altercation.

This supervisor should have been reported immediately. There is no reason he should have reacted that way and by no means should have called him a name or followed him to continue the conversation.

This supervisor like most idiots didn't realize how close he was to getting hurt by someone he had no idea what their mental state was.

Taking pictures on the property is allowed if it's one or two shots by a tourist or within reason, but employees are told to use their best judgment when dealing with any situation. And my best judgment is different from your best and so on.

There was a comment by someone about bus supervisors sitting in cars and chit-chatting. I've noticed over the years a lot of hostility from passengers about how much we make and how our jobs are to be done. The jealously is surprising.

I understand when you run into an idiot you feel the need to say something but because someone's job is to supervise part of that job is to be in one spot to react to any problem and get it resolved quickly.

I've witnessed firsthand the fireman-like aspect of these jobs whether it be bus or rail. In a moment's notice they are to react and respond. And of course like with any of the people reading this there are those you work with who should never be allowed to work with much less speak with people and these people may be in positions that may represent you or your job in some way.

I will say this though -- verbal abuse should not be given to anyone who you don't want to hear it back from. When you come at someone with a overbearing attitude (and I'm just as guilty of this as the next person) you are going to get a childish response. And if they are not as educated in the psychology of the average person as you are then you are setting yourself up for an altercation with someone.

We as CTA employees cannot read your mind or see what train just left the station through a ceiling or wall and we don't know that you are having the worst day ever unless you communicate this. And even then we may not be where you are mentally at that moment.

But just remember how many times some one of us has come to your rescue and helped to make your day better, faster or tolerable. And if you can't, please do yourself a favor and find a different mode of transportation if for nothing else your own sanity.


Thanks for the insight into this problem. The Supervisor was standing at the platform as we were pulling in to addison. So he did know we just passed one. But we waited for another 2 southbound before we moved.

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